Allyssa Golden

Meet Allyssa Golden, the Lead Esthetician at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty! Allyssa is a proud Esthetician graduate of the Aveda Arts Institute in Austin, Texas. While she may have been raised in the bustling city of Houston, it’s Austin that she’s called home for the past decade where she has built up her clientele and expanded upon her love for helping others feel and look their best.

If there’s one thing you should know about Allyssa, it’s that she’s all about spreading joy and laughter. As a seasoned performance artist serving Central Texas for six years, she has cultivated a knack for making people smile. Call her a human enthusiast, but she genuinely adores bringing happiness to those around her – it’s her life’s mission!

Personally, at the heart of her world is her beloved cattle dog, Loverboy. He’s not your typical pup – this furry friend has a knack for snuggling up in laps and giving human-sized hugs. And here’s the kicker, he’s got a secret passion for opera and the soulful tunes of Leann Rimes – he’s quite the music aficionado!

Allyssa wears her love for animals on her sleeve. For nearly a decade, she dedicated her life to dog training and handling, an experience that taught Her invaluable skills in keen observation and attentive listening. These skills now come in handy in her esthetician practice as she strives to cater to each client’s unique needs.

What drew Allyssa to the field of esthiology was its incredible power to instill comfort in one’s own skin. Her personal journey with mind-body wellness has been a profound one, filled with lessons that have shaped her into who she is today. Her hope is to assist others in their journey toward achieving their fullest potential in both skin health and overall wellness.

Now, let’s talk skincare. She has a few favorites when it comes to treatments and procedures. The Diamond Glow, Hydrafacial, facial massages, brow tint & wax, luxurious body treatments, and massages are all high up on her list. These aren’t just treatments; they’re experiences that help clients feel their absolute best.

Join her on this incredible journey to embrace your skin, spread laughter, and celebrate the beauty of being you.