Mazhawna Guerrero

Ever since Maz was little, she was always into fashion and loved the unique hairstyles as well as any trending looks. She’d always experiment with her hair to try and recreate the looks, or experiment on friends and family first.

Maz has been in the beauty industry for over seven years, having worked under multiple amazing world-renowned stylists. She’s learned different techniques and approaches from each, which has helped her blossom into the stylist she is today. Maz is certified in Lasio and Cezzane smoothing treatments also by Eye Design New York for Microblading. Some of Maz’s favorite hair trends are the shag cut and the fashion-colored money piece.

Maz loves what she does because it keeps her creative mind going. The best part of the job for her is making people feel beautiful and giving them the confidence to believing in themselves. “Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.”

For fun, Maz enjoys spending time with family, playing billiards pool, hanging out in the sun, or trying new restaurants for some good food and drinks.