Earth Day

Apr 22, 2020Tips, Trends, Tutorials

This Earth Day 2020 is particularly poignant. While recently the world has experienced such a dramatic disruption and heartbreaking loss as a result of COVID-19, we have seen some unforgettable images of our environment that are awe-inspiring. This 50th anniversary of earth day, I would like to pause, reflect and then focus on beauty.

Remembering when I launched my salon in 2011, protecting our environment has been one of the cornerstones of our business. We strive to create a positive impact–not only with our clients, but in the world. When we chose to expand the salon in 2017 we wanted to be in an environmentally-friendly building. We chose the Northshore, not only because of its amazing downtown location, but also because it is LEED Silver and 3-Star Austin Green Build certified.

As the North American flagship salon for Phyto Paris our salon shares the commitment to serve our clients with botanically-based hair and scalp care. This is a promise our team makes daily. To go above, beneath and beyond face value and create beauty in a way that is healthy for our clients, our team and the planet. 

And now, we are in this COVID moment–not just as a company or community, but as a planet. While we universally struggle with the unknown the only peace I have found begins with gratitude. As it felt after 9-11, Katrina, and now this, the common denominator for me has been hope. 

While these photos powerfully demonstrate what can nearly instantaneously happen when automobile traffic and air pollution plummets, although it may not be a lasting change, it is astonishing and inspiring. These images are reminders of how collectively we make a difference. 

Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is in the business of transformation and bringing out the best in our clients. While our team, like you, is taking a collective pause to help flatten the curve and save lives, this earth day I am reminded to take a breath and honor the connection and responsibility we have to our planet, to each other and future generations. 

 My wish for all of our friends and colleagues in our immediate community, in Austin, New Orleans, New York, Paris, and throughout the world is to clearly, mindfully know that today and moving forward, we are truly in this together.

-Janet St. Paul

Himalayan Mountains

For the first time in decades–and for some, in their lifetime, people in India are seeing the Himalayas.

Photo: CNN

Los Angeles

The smog has lifted in Los Angeles. Recent reports showed the air in LA was the cleanest in the country–a first.

Photo: Chris Pizzello


An atypically clear view of the Eiffel Tower from an air balloon in Paris.

Photo: Mercury News


The canals in Venice are clearly sparkling so fish are visible as the traffic has halted and silt has descended to the bottom.

Photo: Manuel Silvestri | Reuters


Austin-area night skies are becoming more planet and star-filled as light pollution recedes.

Photo: Ron Greenbon


Skies in Tehran clear as factories cease operations.

Photo: Getty Images

Looking for more beautiful imagery? Watch the videos below.

Although we can’t be there in person, this video takes us just down the road for a Virtual Visit Video to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Click here.

Feel like indulging in spectacular views of earth? Watch a great special on NOVA: Earth from Space.

Take a look at the inspiring Austin film created by a local company. Watch here.

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