PHYTO Paris Hair Salon

About PHYTO Paris

PHYTO Paris, a highly respected global haircare brand, was founded in Paris by Patrick Alès in the late 1960s. Long before environmental awareness was in our conversation, his innovation and creativity brought this botanically-based product line to life. The invention of the blow-dry is also credited to Patrick Alès. The combination of science, technology and high style created a sensation among celebrities in the U.S. and abroad. Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy were two of the most notable devotees who accelerated PHYTO Paris’s recognition as a world-renowned hair care brand.

The company has remained true to its essential values and is the most botanically-based product line on the market. PHYTO products are 95% natural overall by avoiding the use of chemical substances like parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols. As an example, PHYTO replaces synthetic alcohol in all of its hairsprays with beetroot alcohol – less drying for the hair. It is the gold standard haircare line and the choice of celebrity stylists around the globe.

Janet St. Paul’s History with PHYTO Paris

Janet St. Paul was introduced to PHYTO Paris when she was working in New York, during her 16 years as a senior stylist at Frederic Fekkai and later as Sr. Stylist and founding team member of Kerastase’s flagship New York salon, Butterfly Studio. She dove into learning more about the botanical product line and fell in love. When Janet left New York and opened her own salon in Austin, Texas in 2011, she chose PHYTO Paris as her exclusive product partner, knowing the healthful, plant-based products would resonate with her Austin clientele.

The Janet St. Paul Method, Janet’s customized approach to caring for her client’s styling and maintenance needs, focuses on achieving long-lasting style built on a foundation of a healthy scalp and hair. PHYTO Paris creates beautiful results through a prescriptive approach for the specific needs of each client. The professional guidance that the Janet St. Paul Studio stylists provide has created a strong, loyal base of clients. As Janet’s acclaim and notoriety has grown, the studio has become recognized as a preeminent authority in PHYTO Paris’s product line.

PHYTO Paris U.S. Flagship Hair Salon

When PHYTO Paris was going through the selection process for its U.S. flagship salon–the location that best reflected its core values, some of the best salons in the country in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas were considered. For Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty to be selected, it was a proud moment for Janet St. Paul but also for the city of Austin to be recognized as a style and beauty destination by this renowned international company.

“After a year and a half of careful planning and consideration on the location, we could not be more pleased to have chosen Austin as the destination for the PHYTO Paris U.S. flagship salon. We believe Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty brings the vision of our brands and the uniqueness of Austin together beautifully.”

Francois Hourcastagnou
Phyto Paris COO

What Does “Flagship” Mean?

Exclusive Access to Products and Offers

Because Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty is the U.S. flagship salon for PHYTO Paris, Janet St. Paul is the sole location in the country to offer all three of the company’s botanically-based product lines for hair care, hair color and skincare. This means only Janet St. Paul clients have exclusive access to the following product lines from The Alès Group, in one location:

PHYTO uses the power of plants to enhance the beauty of hair with its hair care, therapeutic treatments and supplements.

The hair color line from PHYTO protects the scalp during the coloring process and provides the hair fiber with a dazzling shine.

Lierac Paris
Advanced biology and the power of nature at the forefront of dermo-cosmetic research with pioneering and innovative products for face and body.

PHYTO Scalp Analysis in the Salon

PHYTO Paris and Janet St. Paul share the philosophy that beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. Clients of Janet St. Paul have access to the PHYTO scalp scope technology in-studio for an in depth analysis of scalp and hair. This invaluable tool helps the stylists at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty evaluate the health of the scalp and condition of the hair, and set an appropriate regimen for clients experiencing thinning, product build-up-related concerns, and other issues.

PHYTO Paris Training Center

As the U.S. flagship for the company, PHYTO Paris will use Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty as a training center. Stylists from across the country are invited to Austin, Texas to train with Janet St. Paul and the PHYTO Paris team of beauty industry leaders from across the country and abroad.