Beth’s Activities for Kids

Apr 10, 2020Loves

While we’re working from home with the kids these days, it’s important to keep the activities going! We’re sharing a list of the activities our kids have been enjoying during this time. Have fun! – Beth St. Paul

Board Games
  • Younger kids:  Old Maid & Go Fish  
  • Older Kids – Charades and Jenga 
Scavenger Hunts
  • Find amazing lists on Google that you and your kids can do without leaving your neighborhood.
  • Even if it’s just in your back yard, it’s fun to prepare and set up a picnic to enjoy together.
Washing Cars
  • The younger kids love this and you get to see your car sparkle for free.
Chalk Art
  • Take painters tape and create a geometric design, let the kids identify the shapes i.e. triangles, rectangles etc. and let them color in the open spaces. When they take away the tape the overall design is amazing.
  • We are cooking up a storm with the kids. They are making their own recipes and learning about the kitchen utensils and how to follow a recipe.
  • Plant seeds in pots and work with the children to take care of them and watch them grow. 
Construction Sites
  • Find one close to you and just let the kids wonder at the big machinery!
Kiddie Pools
  • Set up a small pool in the yard and let them play for hours and stay cool.
Virtual Classes
  • Sign up for virtual classes such as karate or dance.