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Dec 14, 2017Loves

Good Company Shop

For fashion that’s a perfect combination of easy Austin-esque and elegant New York City chic, look no further than Austin’s very own Good Company. Good Company is a stellar new boutique located just down the road from Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty at 12th and Lamar. The store is filled with distinctive fashions, vintage jewelry, and artful accessories–not just to wear, but to adorn your home, as well.

Good Company’s owner Mallary Carroll is a true hometown entrepreneurial success story. Her new fashion line, SBJ Austin, is showcased at her amazing Austin boutique. Janet was captivated by the sophisticated elegance of SBJ Austin. She is a fan of how the tops, tunics, dresses and slacks offer such high style with ‘throw on and go’ ease. The quality and breathability of the fabrics are also what makes SBJ Austin one of Janet’s loves.

Because busy lifestyles require quick and easy comfort, Good Company’s versatile styles up the ante and elevate women’s fashion. Many of us have a tendency to head out of the door in yoga pants because they’re quick and comfy. Nothing against our health conscious, activewear-loving city, but having lived in New York for so many years Janet cultivated a deep appreciation and passion for fashion. The expert, innovative mash-up of chic and comfort is precisely what Janet admires about SBJ Austin and Good Company. It’s a brilliant alternative and most definitely an upgrade, while still being incredibly comfortable.

When Good Company brought SBJ Austin to the salon in a trunk show earlier this month, the reception with the clients and visitors who enjoyed the event were very enthusiastic. The SBJ Austin collection that was featured at the salon was just a small sampling of all the wonderful styles that can be found at Good Company. In their 12th street boutique you will find top-to-bottom fashion and accessories which include SBJ Austin as well as other exceptional brands. Plus, there is also an apothecary collection featuring candles, cosmetics, and a lot more.

It’s a beautiful thing to see a tunic that can be paired with tights, then belted as a dress, and also added as a top layer and worn so many ways.” – Janet St. Paul

What’s been especially fun to discover between these local women-owned businesses, is the organic serendipity between the two brands. Similarly to the way Janet’s hairstyles are structured by the foundation of a good cut and elevated with expert color and styling, the same philosophy of “a good foundation” holds true for SBJ Austin. The cut of all of Carroll’s fashions is precise and beautifully tailored for a woman’s body. When paired with the quality of the fabrics, the vibrant patterns and the gorgeous fit it’s a winning combination.

In fact, so many of our salon clients have discovered and absolutely love Good Company. If you’ve not visited this great Austin indie business yet, definitely add it to your “to dos” and tell them Janet sent you!