Hair Trends for 2021

Mar 20, 2021Tips, Trends, Tutorials

With gratitude and great anticipation, as more of our clients are scheduling appointments for updates, refreshes and sometimes complete style reboots, we’d like to pass along some popular post-lockdown looks that we’re loving.

After a year of putting our personal care routines on pause, Janet and our entire team is so happy to be helping people reconnect with self-care and beauty. What we are hearing from our clients is that they have gained a new appreciation for keeping things easy. In a word, people are seeking more simplicity.

For haircuts to look and feel effortless, a solid foundation is a must. This is achieved by having excellent structure from a skilled haircut–what we are known for at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty. So, whether you’re considering a dramatic new look, or going for a low-maintenance style, here are some of the looks we’re excited to share:

Take it off!

Springtime and the post-pandemic desire for something completely different is driving gorgeous, short and strikingly simple pixie cuts. This look is liberating, chic and as simple as it gets!

The Crown Influence

Whether Netflix binges are the motivation, or perhaps the post-Oprah interview buzz, a Royal fascination is in full swing. The modern Diana bob is a fresh look at iconic beauty. The short, feminine cut is textured, allowing for a contemporary silhouette. It also is a forgiving style that is versatile and grows out beautifully. 

The Modern Bob

The lines that a modern bob offers brings a little more angle and structured shape to your look. What makes this style modern is the chunkier sectioning and movement. Lived-in and glorious curated cutting makes this haircut look effortless and beautiful.


Rolling Waves

For shoulder-length hair, curated cutting provides a look that is at once confident and easy. The layers provide movement and break up the weightiness that can come with length. Having the right products is essential for style that projects effortless beauty. 



This is where we are seeing a more impactful division with client requests. Either clients are craving new vibrancy or considering transitioning to low-maintenance, or much less color. Either pathway is a great choice. It’s all about what feeds your spirit! 


Loving Long

Embracing the length that the past year has grown is also a path to simplicity. For thick hair, the focus is on health and conditioning. Our Loreal and Phyto Paris prescriptive hair care makes hair luscious and healthy. You can always pull it back and put it up for variety! 


Whatever your direction, we are here to ensure that your next haircut has you feeling special, spectacular, and oh so ready for the next chapter when you walk out of the salon!

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