We’re thrilled to announce that Janet’s flagship hair salon opened on October 18, 2011.

Janet brings 20 years of master hair styling experience and a resume of amazingly impressive clients and achievements to her new salon in downtown Austin (830 W 3rd St Ste 1136).

“Janet has continuously been named one of the best hair stylists in Austin and to now see her in her own, brand new space is nothing short of wonderful,” said Janet’s client, Nicole Kern. “Janet St. Paul makes her clients feel new and refreshed and her space matches that feeling.”

With clean, natural elements and a twist on modern French decor, the salon is both elegant and down-to-earth. “The most important thing to me is that my clients feel comfortable in my salon,” added Janet. “I want everyone to feel welcome at the very beginning and leave rejuvenated at the end.”

Here’s to the future, new relationships and great cuts!