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About JustSaySew

JustSaySew offers luxury tailoring and alterations services in the Austin area. What makes JustSaySew unique is that it provides its customers a “mobile” service with on-site fittings in the comfort of their home or office. The convenience of having a Master Tailor with access to the entirety of one’s closet over finding the time to gather garments and drive to a retail location is why many are raving about JustSaySew’s arrival to Austin. 

JustSaySew is passionate about helping women and men feel comfortable and fabulous in their clothes—whether that’s feeling elegant on their wedding day, sharp and sophisticated for an important meeting, or confident in their everyday outfits.

Master Tailor Thierno “T” Ngom

JustSaySew’s talented Master Tailor, Thierno “T” Ngom, has over 40 years of experience working on garments for ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, couture designers, luxury retailers and specialty boutiques. “T” is adept with all materials including leather, fur, denim, knits, woven and embroidered materials, as well as delicate lace and intricate beading. He can remodel or reconstruct existing garments to update a favorite outfit, repair damaged skins, or even transform an old fur into a modern style that reflects the latest fashion trends.

Founder and CEO Susan Dell

Susan Dell brings a wealth of knowledge in fashion design and production, as well as personal styling. Susan served as Founder and Chairman of the Board of Phi, a New York City-based women’s designer collection company that made its runway debut in fall of 2004. Phi was preceded by Susan’s six-year run with the Susan Dell Collection, first based in Austin, Texas, and later in New York City. Her passion for the perfect fit coupled with the realities of a busy schedule led her to create JustSaySew, Austin’s premiere mobile tailoring and alterations company.

Behind-the-“seams” with Susan Dell

Janet St. Paul sat down with fellow female entrepreneur Susan Dell, founder of JustSaySew, to talk about how she brought JustSaySew to Austin.  

What inspired you to bring this service to Austin?

I met Thierno “T”, the Master Tailor at JustSaySew, in early 2017 at a high-end specialty shop in NY.  He had been called to alter an evening gown for me with beautiful, yet complicated details. As a designer, I have worked with numerous pattern makers and sewers over the past 33 years, and I was blown away by his skills. After one fitting I returned to try on my evening gown with T and I could see the incredible quality of his work and the attention to detail that he had implemented.

After working with T on many garments over the following months I was very inspired by how capable he was at working with all types of fabrics and styles. T proved to be one of the most talented tailors I had ever collaborated with and this lead me to suggest to him that he come work for me and I would start an alterations business with him. I’m excited that I have been able to bring a mobile alteration service to Austin for everyone to enjoy.

How did you convince T to move to Austin from NYC?

When I first thought about starting an alteration business with T, I considered doing this in NYC, but then I realized that Austin doesn’t have a talent like T. I discussed the idea of a mobile alterations business with T where fittings can happen in the customer’s home or office and the fact that there are plenty of customers that would appreciate his high quality work. T was as excited about this idea as me, so I offered to have him visit Austin for a long weekend to see what he thought of the city and possibly moving here. He loved our city and quickly decided that he would move to Austin and we would start the JustSaySew business.

“I could see the incredible quality of his work and the attention to detail. T proved to be one of the most talented tailors I had ever collaborated with…

What has been the evolution of the fashion industry in Texas, and in Austin specifically?

Texas has been able to attract many great retailers in Dallas, Houston, Austin and other cities across the state. The biggest change over the past few years is that we can shop in Texas where there is great access to all types of fabulous designers, and this will just continue in the years ahead. In Austin it is great to see designers that are home grown in our city and are establishing a loyal following. Designers such as Outdoor Voices with their athleisure apparel and Kendra Scott with her jewelry and home designs, are two great examples of this and there are many others.  It is also wonderful to see entrepreneurs in the beauty business like Janet St Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty and Rochelle Rae Cosmetics become huge successes!

For more information about JustSaySew, please visit their website. If you decide to book an appointment, please let them know that Janet St. Paul sent you! Enjoy luxury tailoring and alterations services, right here in Austin, Texas and in the comfort of your home or office.