The Lagree Studio

Jan 10, 2020Loves

Unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. The Lagree Method is a HIIT, strength training and pilates-inspired workout that effectively combines strength, endurance, balance, core, mobility and cardiorespiratory training. The Lagree Method is available in Austin at The Lagree Studio, which has a location just up the street from the salon! Owned by Valentina and Mitch Gaylord, the The Lagree Studio has locations at the Hill Country Galleria, Downtown, and Arbor Town Square (with more on the way!)

Valentina Gaylord is a passionate individual, she finds joy in music, dance, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Owner of The Lagree Studio, Valentina grew up in the fashion industry as a model, before finding herself as a high-yield leveraged finance associate and a professional singer. One thing that we admire about Valentina is that she has created this studio and community of individuals that care about one-another and strive to make everyone feel the best they can. 

Knowing finance wasn’t her passion, Valentina prepared for a major move to Europe to pursue her music dreams, when she fell into a whirlwind romance with her now husband, Mitch Gaylord. Mitch Gaylord first thrilled the world in 1984 when he led the United States Olympic Gymnastics Team to its gold medal victory, and is the first ever American to score a perfect 10. 

Once their first child was born, Valentina stumbled upon The Lagree Method in Newport Beach, CA, and knew that the therapeutic elements of pilates were just what she needed. Inspired, Valentina told her husband that her dream had shifted to opening a Lagree Method studio. After a family move to Texas, where she was unable to find a Lagree Method studio, Valentina and her husband reached out to Sebastien Lagree, the founder of the method, and together they were able to establish The Lagree Studio at the Hill Country Galleria. Over the last few years, the success of The Lagree Studio has resulted in the opening of two more studios; Downtown and Arbor Town Square. 

Valentina and Mitch hope that The Lagree Studio inspires and changes people’s lives in the same way it has done for them. Together, you can share an amazing workout that inspires you, revitalizes your soul, and captures your passion for life, love, health, wellness and fitness. 

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