Reveal Beauty

Dec 20, 2019Loves

Women, especially those who have faced and survived domestic violence and sex trafficking, deserve to feel beautiful, know their worth and regain their dignity. Reveal Beauty celebrates beauty and dignity for these survivors through Cinderella and self-empowerment experiences.

As women dedicated to creating for women, Reveal believes in empowerment and beauty for female survivors of abuse and sex trafficking globally through beauty and dignity. This core conviction prompted Anna Doan, Founder and Chairman of Reveal Beauty, to commit to “celebrating beauty and dignity for women recovering from abuse and sex trafficking through self-empowerment and celebration.”

Reveal strives to create frequent touch points through experiences for women that promote love, hope and self-empowerment, while reminding women that they are to be celebrated – no strings attached. Reveal strives to be part of the healing process, by reinforcing a woman’s worth, beauty, and dignity, all while playing a pivotal role in a story of hope. 

Founded in New York City, Reveal recently made its way to Austin, where they hosted an Ultimate Makeover event for 30 local women at various different women’s shelters in the area. This event was the first of many to be hosted beyond Manhattan and symbolizes a new era for the organization. 

The Ultimate Makeover experience honors women, celebrates their dignity and their beauty through a full day of styling, pampering and more. In Austin, Reveal partnered with four programs in the Austin area to provide makeovers and pampering to survivors of domestic abuse. Each woman was sent home with a tote bag full of goodies and a boosted sense of self-confidence.

Though the event gives hope to survivors, Reveal is actively looking to make an even bigger impact on their lives. Through monthly workshops, women are taught the skills and tools necessary to re-enter to society: self-care, professional development, and financial independence. 

Leigh Kettle and Candace Comer, have the great honor of heading up Reveal’s Austin chapter, and are working hard to expand their operations to reach as many women as possible. If you are interested in learning more or volunteering with Reveal, contact Leigh and Candace at austin@revealbeauty.org or visit https://revealaustin.splashthat.com/