Top 3 Hairstyle Updates for Women and Men

Feb 21, 2019Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar


When a client visits the salon we are often asked, “Should I try something new? What’s current and fashionable that will work for me?” Janet St. Paul Salon for Hair & Beauty strives to rise above trend-for-trend’s sake every day. The Janet St. Paul Method takes into consideration our client’s face shape, hair texture, and a thorough understanding of his or her lifestyle, then we provide a customized look that showcases the features of our client at their best.

The perfect style update will merge both what is modern and fashion-forward with what’s ideal and realistic for our clients to manage on a day-to-day basis. With this result in mind, we will often find inspiration from fashion–especially one of Janet’s most favorite fashion events of the year–New York Fashion Week.

On the runway, hairstyles can reflect limitless imaginative expressions of the fashion designers’ aesthetic. These styles tend to be heavily accentuated to serve the drama of the fashion show. Runway hair is more of a supporting character to the star of the show–the designer’s clothing line. During Janet’s time working behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, she experienced first-hand how important it was to consistently execute the vision of the designer for the collection and the moment.

Fashion week hairstyles definitely can be harbingers of what we will see on the streets beyond the runway, as fashion and beauty trends ripple into our closets and our vanities.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

However, when it comes to haircuts, while similar to runway styles, there are a large range of looks trending beyond New York, London, and Paris, to right here in our ever-growing city of Austin, Texas. What we are seeing today is a preference for layers that are a little more shaggy than just a bob. Wavy styles are not quite so perfect–a little looser and grungy looking.

Extensions and hair accessories are also experiencing a renaissance. Scrunchies, ribbons, and bows are frequently fastened neatly on the tresses of princesses-to-pop icons. And for updos, styling the hair with a little bit more than just a topknot is popular now.

For men, the pendulum is swinging away from the high and tight fades that we have grown accustomed to seeing everywhere. Looks are trending longer, looser and a little grungier.

Photo: Mens Hairstyles Today

Haircut by: Janet St. Paul

Photo: GQ

And while trends are always interesting and inspiring, the most important part for Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is still ensuring that your face shape, your hair texture and your lifestyle work beautifully together in a flattering way that makes looking your best come through with ease–every day.

If you are considering an update your hairstyle that includes substance as well as style, we recommend a consultation with the talented team at our award-winning Austin salon.