Smoothing Treatments

Our smoothing treatment is OSHA-approved, which makes it cleaner for the environment, cleaner for the Janet St. Paul staff and most importantly, cleaner for clients. Janet St. Paul chose to offer the Cezanne in her downtown Austin hair salon because of its environmentally-friendly nature and the results that can be achieved with less damage to the hair. It is recommended that clients considering a smoothing treatment schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the process and post-care instructions with a stylist. 


Full Cezanne Smoothing Treatment—The longest-lasting treatment, lasting four to five months for most clients. The process takes about 2-2.5 hours, depending on your hair length and texture and costs $420 and up.

Express Cezanne Smoothing Treatment—A express version of the full Cezanne treatment which lasts about six weeks. The express option takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The price ranges from $125-$200. It can also be done to just certain areas of the hair, such as the bangs, crown or hairline and will be priced accordingly.

PHYTO In-Salon Treatments

For over 50 years, PHYTO Paris has been providing the best solutions for healthy, beautiful hair. At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty in downtown Austin, PHYTO is the go-to in-salon treatment that’s scientifically crafted in a prescriptive way for each and every client’s needs and desires. From detox and hydration treatments to repair and damage control, PHYTO delivers the very best hair and scalp care. With the highest quality formulas from the most botanical and safe treatments in the industry, our cutting edge in-salon treatments will help provide the beautiful, healthy results you want and deserve.

Benefits of PHYTO

What makes our PHYTO in-Salon Treatments so special are the exceptional therapeutic qualities of these formulas. PHYTO boasts the highest concentrations of pure plant extracts in today’s beauty industry, with formulas that are 95-100% natural. There are absolutely no sulfates, parabens or chemicals that lead to the demise of the bulb of each hair strand, which is what will lead to thinning hair if not protected. Unfortunately, both men and women can start to experience thinning hair whether it’s chronic or episodic as they age; with PHYTO, you can protect against and often prevent that.

Through our prescriptive PHYTO In-Salon Treatments, we’re sure you’ll receive the specific intensive care you’re looking for. Our hairstylists evaluate the scalp and hair health needed for each client individually and customize the solution that works best. Your in-salon treatment can also be supported by a prescribed in-home regimen. Discuss the best treatment plan for your best hair with your stylist. A few of the PHYTO hair treatments offered at the salon include:

PHYTO Huile D’Alès—This intensely hydrating treatment can be added to any service but often recommended for color appointments (and highlights) to increase the elasticity of the hair and the longevity of the color. When added to a blow dry, it can increase smoothness, body, softness in the hair and overall shine. This treatment is really ideal for everyone and in any season. As an add on service, the pricing is $25.

PHYTOElixir Oil—This is a pre-shampoo treatment that helps to nourish and heal the hair, increasing elasticity to damaged hair. This works especially well on weakened or sensitized hair as a result of chemical treatments, sun damage or highlights. This helps hydrate and restore strength.

PHYTOPollèine—Often described as a “facial for the scalp”, this is PHYTO’s original treatment product, designed to exfoliate the scalp, remove buildup, and increase circulation to the bulb which nourishes the hair. This particular treatment can only be added to a hair cut or blowout and not done in combination with a color service. It is recommended you wait 10 days after a color service to use it.

Subtil X Rescue—Carried exclusively in Austin by Janet St. Paul is PHYTO’s color line Subtil. This treatment can be added to highlight services and offers an anti-breakage effect as well as more vibrant color and silky locks. It both protects and rebuilds the hair fiber during the highlight process. As an add on service, the pricing is $35