Amy Kernahan

May 28, 2019Loves

Amy Kernahan

Amy Kernahan and Janet met during her days in New York City and became fast friends. With her hard work and talent for permanent makeup, she quickly rose to the top of her ranks as one of the best in the business. Jessica Tristan, our Permanent Makeup Artist at the salon, was trained by Amy and we wanted to share why we all admire her talent with an exclusive interview about these services and why you will love them too!

About Amy

Amy Kernahan has 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and esthetician and has earned acknowledgment from numerous magazines, including Elle, Lucky, and Allure. Amy has had the pleasure of working with many celebrities and on-camera personalities who entrust Amy with their aesthetic needs.  

Tell us about how you decided to get into the permanent makeup space.

I got into permanent makeup after being a makeup artist for photo shoots and film. I always realized that the eyebrows completed the whole look of the makeup. My clients would always ask jokingly how they could get that look to stay forever. My wheels started turning and The rest is history : )

Who should consider these services?

EVERYONE. Even if you just need a few hairs to make your brows perfect or if you have no brows and need them to be created for you. Eyeliner and lips are a game changer too!

What would you tell first-timers that are considering visiting the salon for permanent makeup?

Do your homework, go with a reputable salon/artist and see examples of your artists work.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your business?

ALL of it but, most of all seeing the happiness on my clients face when they see their new look. Most clients have had major insecurities about their brows for years and now feel beautiful and complete. I love that I can give them that!

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