Artist Mike Malizia

Apr 2, 2017Loves

The transformation of everyday personal moments into extraordinary, museum-worthy art is just one of east coast artist Mike Malizia’s talents. Janet became so enamored with Mike’s art that she recently commissioned a piece for her new downtown Austin salon, Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair coming to 2nd street June, 2017.

For Janet’s commission of a portrait of Frida Kahlo, Mike layered hand-dyed silk with encaustic wax and resin on wood to produce this captivating multi-media focal point for the salon.

Mike’s innovative technique involves composing the art from upcycled keepsake-worthy materials one tends to hang onto because they are attached to special memories. His beautiful fine art creations are composed from almost anything discovered in a drawer or storage bin–kids’ art that has been retired from its prominent place on the refrigerator, to ticket stubs from special dates, old favorite jeans, t-shirts, silk scarves, and snapshots.

The process of incorporating these storied objects into the dna of his artwork was inspired by working with his young daughter created along his side in his own home studio. When these striking works they had created together began to catch the attention of others, requests started coming in for similar commissions. The demand ultimately resulted in the creation of his business, My Life Studio.

Mike’s personal pathway to his life in the creative arts is also a story of transformation. After a long, successful career in international finance continued to pull Mike away from his growing family, he came to realize he was feeling torn. The emotional goodbyes with his young daughter, and the birth of a new baby were pivotal. Mike had always wanted to have more time to devote to his art.  So, he took the leap and made a conscious choice to leave his position with his firm in order to follow his passion and be at home with his family–a decision he acknowledges that was afforded by the foundation established by his time in his career, and that he celebrates today as one of the best he’s ever made.

Today Mike is busy with commissioned work as well as creating his own pieces that are featured on his website: http://www.mylifestudioart.com/.

Janet is excited to announce that Mike will be visiting the salon for a VIP art exhibit and benefit in 2017. For more information for this and other special events, sign-up to join the Janet St. Paul VIP List.

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