PHYTO Paris, naturally.

by | Apr 2, 2017 | What's New

Janet was first introduced to PHYTO Paris when she was working in New York, during her 16 years as a senior stylist at Frederic Fekkai and later as Sr. Stylist and founding team member of Kerastase’s flagship New York salon, Butterfly Studio. She fell in love with the PHYTO Paris, a legendary, international beauty brand with a 50-year international legacy, because of its longstanding focus on health. When she opened her downtown Austin salon, Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair in 2011, Janet chose PHYTO Paris as the cornerstone of her business.

Janet’s personal health philosophy, along with Austin’s vibrant, healthy lifestyle is a natural fit for the PHYTO brand. She understands if you want modern beautiful hair, it first has to be healthy. The best way to achieve healthy hair is to start with botanically based products that deliver a concise, clear benefit. The results of choosing PHYTO for the clients of Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair, as well as for the success of the salon itself have been phenomenal.

Patrick Alès, PHYTO Paris creator and founder

The PHYTO story began in the late 1960s when founder and celebrity stylist, Patrick Alès, sought a solution to help clients and hairdressers get smooth, silky hair while preserving the health of the hair, the scalp, and the hairdresser’s hands. The following international success of PHYTO catapulted Mr. Alles to the forefront of the industry, where PHYTO has remained for half a century. Today, his company is regarded as the most botanical brand in the world. PHYTO Paris is still privately owned, and remains committed to the founding principles of achieving healthy, beautiful hair, scalp and skin through scientific innovations from plant-based formulas.

The brand continues to win numerous industry awards and accolades for its innovative products.

For Janet, PHYTO defines the difference for beautiful, youthful, sexy hair. Treatment is everything. With PHYTO Paris, the approach is prescriptive and individual. For best results, a custom formulated regimen is recommended for each client. For in order to achieve an optimal result, you need optimal treatment to make the hair as healthy as it can be. To learn more about PHYTO Paris: https://www.phyto.com/The-brand/story.html