Best Treatments for Build-Up

Jul 16, 2022Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Summer’s thirsty hair often means a more liberal application of hair products. As a result, build-up can occur from using ordinary products that may not contain the highest quality ingredients–often the products found in the grocery store or drug store.

Viral videos from stylists showing the results of product build-up have been featured on the Today show. Frankly speaking, it’s not pretty. The gunk is real. And it definitely reinforces the importance of understanding the ingredients of the products you are using on your hair! The approach we advocate at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is: Quality and Integrity Matters. It’s best to help prevent this from happening to you by using products that adhere to strict quality ingredients and processes. 

Even if you do have the best integrity products stocked in your bathroom cabinet, buildup can occur from other sources. Consider asking your stylist to advise you about the buildup condition of your hair the next time you’re in the salon.

What exactly is buildup?

Buildup is the cumulative product remnants, ingredients or mineral residue that is left on the hair due to frequent product use, hair washing, or contact with water. Build-up ultimately results with a finish or texture you can feel on the hair that is not easy to remove. This build-up can cause single process color to fade and also make the hair very difficult to lift when highlighting. If you’ve been experiencing these concerns, build-up could be the culprit.

Buildup Causes

Sometimes buildup can also occur from using a combination of products and water. For example, texture spray is very popular right now. We happen to love texture spray for the dimension and texture it brings to hair styles. Texture spray often helps the style last longer. However, repeated use of this product, when it meets mineral-heavy water can create tremendous buildup in the hair. 

Dry shampoo is very coating to the hair. This coating can attract minerals from the water that stick to the active ingredients. And, you guessed it, build-up occurs.

Styling products that have inexpensive ingredients (often those from the drugstores or grocery stores) can cause buildup on the hair. A leading cause is often some kind of silicone-based additive, which should be avoided due to the reduced quality of ingredients. 

Another source of buildup on the hair is water. Here in Austin, we have “moderately hard” water that is very mineral-heavy. Washing your hair in mineral-heavy water or well water requires regular use of a gentle clarifying shampoo to discourage build-up. Austin homes often have water softeners, which are essentially a salt element that helps the pipes, but are not great for your hair over time. 

Something else that can buildup on the hair is pool water and chlorine. Even salt water pools have chemical elements in them which affect the hair.

Detox Products that Help Remove Buildup

PHYTO has an incredible detox treatment that is both effective and gentle. The treatment uses a combination of Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment and PHYTO Detox shampoo. Phytopolleine does many wonderful things. It increases circulation of the scalp which nourishes the bulb of the hair while clarifying and encouraging a healthier root environment. It also removes buildup from the scalp and the hair shaft.

Tip: Phytopolleine should not be used a week before or after color.

How to Detox Your Hair and Scalp

  1. Apply Phytopolleine First and Sleep on It
    The best way to Detox your hair and scalp is to use Phytopolleine first. Apply it in the evening on dirty hair. Section the hair in five sections, and apply it directly to the scalp. (This is more for the scalp than the hair shaft.) Then go to sleep. 
  2. Wake up the next morning and when you shampoo, use two specific shampoos. The first one should be Phyto Detox Shampoo. Phyto Detox will address more of the hair shaft, and remove anything that Phytopoleeine has helped to lift off the scalp. Phyto Detox Shampoo is completely botanically based, as well as Phytopolleine. Phyto Detox Shampoo allows you to keep the hair light and full without over-stripping it.
  3. Follow Phyto Detox Shampoo with a shampoo that is specific for your hair texture. Example: If you have dry, coarse hair use something hydrating with moisture. But maybe in the summer use a lighter conditioner that helps to detangle without being heavy.
  4. Always use a leave-in conditioner that has moisture and heat protection. We love Loreal Series Expert 10 in 1.

In addition to removing buildup from products, Phyto Detox Shampoo can also be wonderful for ridding the hair of environmental buildup from summer pool chemicals, minerals, salty beach residue on the hair, and the impact from iron-heavy pipes and water softeners in homes.

Following your detox treatment, hair looks and feels lighter, healthier and typically has an improved response to highlighting and single process color. Much like a seasonal detox for your health, a seasonal detox for your hair is a great refresher for your scalp and hair.


When it comes to keeping your hair smooth and healthy, a regular Detox is recommended. The frequency depends upon your environment, lifestyle and hair texture. At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty, you can rely on getting professional instruction for your needs all year long. 

A detox service or smoothing service can help you make the most of your summer style. Call the salon at 512-474-5000 and get on our books so you can get outside and enjoy the rest of your summer!