Say Goodbye to Frizz & Build-Up for your Smoothest Summer Hair

Jul 15, 2022Tips, Trends, Tutorials

As‌ ‌summer‌ temperatures and humidity levels keep rising in Austin, Texas and beyond, let’s‌ ‌face‌ ‌it: Frizz happens. At our award-winning downtown Austin salon our stylists are here to bring professional strength relief to the harsh impact that summer can have on the hair. 

The good news? It’s entirely possible to have healthy, smooth tresses all summer long if you have the proper products, treatments and tools. In this blog, master stylist, Janet St. Paul shares her top tips for keeping your hair style, highlights and your scalp in shape.

Frizz Prevention

We get it. You’ve just barely walked out the door after your usual styling regimen and within minutes– sproing! Frizz and flyaways begin to emerge. You try your best, but like it or not, the tame game is on! Frizz tending is not unique to Austin. Janet has fended-off these same challenges with her clients in New York during her tenure with the city’s leading salons. Fortunately, we have brilliant solutions that can help mitigate frizz coast-to-coast. Her advice in today’s blog will help explain the many benefits of a professional smoothing treatment.  

At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty in downtown Austin, we offer three premier smoothing treatments that can help with frizz while nurturing the hair: Cezanne, Lacio and Milbon.

The smoothing treatment by Cezanne is great for hair that is highlighted, maybe has a little damage or an overall brittle hair texture (whether from color or the natural hair’s texture). Different from a keratin smooth (which is a 3-hour process that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein), the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment works from the inside of the hair shaft, out, helping to improve the strength and condition of the hair. It helps to smooth frizz, without straightening. It also allows you to blow dry the hair with more ease. The process is simple and safe for curly hair. When you blow it smooth and go outside in humid conditions, the hair will stay smoother for longer.

How Long Does a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment Last?  

The short answer is, it’s kind of up to you, based on the frequency of your shampooing. The longer answer to how long a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment lasts depends on your at-home routine and products. The average duration is 3-5 months. Just know, the more frequently you shampoo or dip into the pool, the quicker the treatment can dissipate. However, if you use the correct complementary shampoo as recommended by your stylist, your smooth locks can last longer. Rely on your stylist to find out the best shampoo for your hair texture.

Recommended for Thick, Heavy, Curly and Frizzy hair textures

Another incredible smoothing treatment that is recommended for thicker, heavier, deeply curly and frizzy hair textures is Lacio. Lacio is incredible as a very gentle keratin treatment that delivers comprehensive nourishment and excellent frizz reduction. With an average retention time of 3-4 months, Lacio works on the outside of the  hair shaft to increase shine, feel softer, style easier, and look healthier. In addition to smoothing the hair and greatly reducing the frizz, it also reduces the curl patterns.

Keratin, the key ingredient, traditionally sits on the outside of the hair shaft. This is why using the correct shampoo after treatment is also crucial.

Lacio makes targeted hair care products specifically designed to help extend your smoothing treatment. Ask your stylist to help determine which product is correct for your hair type.

With both Cezanne and Lacio, it’s important to know that the hair doesn’t end up board-straight after a treatment. The distinction to understand is that a smoother is not a straightener. (That’s an entirely different subject.) With these three treatments, the hair is smoothed and fortified, but the body and movement remains in the hair. Another great perk for summertime especially, is these smoothing treatments save time. They help significantly reduce blow drying time, and course, the time spent trying to manage the frizz.

In comparison, Cezanne is customizable to the individual thickness and natural hair texture. Lacio is somewhat customizable, but generally leaves hair somewhat smoother.

Post-Treatment Products & Tools

Post-treatment, Janet recommends using the appropriate products and tools to enhance the results of the smoothing treatment. 

Be advised. You must use special low-phosphate shampoo. The products that are made by the same smoothing treatment company as your service are often preferred, because they are designed specifically to complement your treatment.

And, especially in hot humid weather, conditioning is always imperative. But keep in mind, you may need a conditioner that is lighter weight since the hair is now smoother, and texture is not as rough and frizzy as before treatment.

This leave-in heat protectant with hydration, Loreal Serie Expert 10-in-1 spray is a must to help encourage frizz-free results. It is a salon favorite styling product because it is an incredibly versatile, lightweight product. It remains in the hair until you shampoo it out, so it’s great when you need to touch up and blow dry your already dry hair the next day.

PHYTO is also a wonderful product to use following smoothing treatments, because it is botanically-based, gentle and prescriptive for individual hair types. Consult with your stylist to learn more about which PHYTO products are right for you following your smoothing treatment.

One of the greatest smoothing tools is a well-designed blow dryer with a nozzle. Many clients love the Dyson, and it helps tremendously. Janet also likes the Twin Turbo with the nozzle.

The combination of a smoothing treatment paired with complementary products and the proper styling tools can make this summer a whole lot smoother! As always, ask your stylist if you are curious about trying a smoothing treatment.