Facials: The Beauty Secret for Refreshed, Youthful Skin

Apr 17, 2018Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Facials at Janet St. Paul Studio

Since Janet St. Paul opened the doors to her luxurious downtown Austin salon she has been eager to bring the very best in skincare services to her clients. Because Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty is known for award-winning hair services and a five-star salon experience, the new beauty services and state-of-the-art facial technology now offered at the salon are no exception. Our discerning clientele knows a regular facial can be a powerful boost to her (and his) appearance. Facials are perhaps the ultimate beauty secret because it provides the foundation for healthy, radiant looking skin.


Benefits of Facials

In addition to the therapeutic, stress-reducing benefits of a having a relaxing massage and soothing facial treatments, regular facials performed by a skilled professional esthetician can supercharge results from at-home beauty regimens and complement the effects of many medical skin procedures. For example, certain Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty facials can extend results of injectables and fillers, allowing for longer durations in between dermatologist or plastic surgeon appointments.

In Europe, skincare is more widely appreciated as the essential building block for beautiful, vibrant skin. In America, the focus is often more on cosmetics. As the North American flagship for a major European beauty brand, PHYTO Paris and LIERAC Paris skin care, we have a unique offering of world-class scalp and skin care, New York-trained hair stylists, as well as best-in-the-business brows and beauty right here at our 2nd street salon.

After one of our signature facial services, the velvety smooth texture of freshly exfoliated, cleansed, hydrated and soothed skin will keep you smiling long after you have left the salon. With a wide array of beauty services to accommodate your needs—from brightening up your look for a special occasion, to helping resolve a persistent condition or concern—our facials will leave your skin feeling and looking its best.

How Often Do I Need Facials?

While regularly scheduling facials is the ideal, sometimes the reality of our busy lifestyles can get in the way. If finding time is often a challenge, a good rule of thumb is to plan and schedule a facial at the change of the seasons at a minimum. If this sounds like your reality, you may want to consider our SilkPeel DermalInfusion® Facial. Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty is the exclusive central Austin provider of this powerful facial technology.

What is a DermalInfusion® Facial?

The DermalInfusion Facial is game-changing skincare regime that combines exfoliation, extraction and hydration in one amazing treatment. The results are frankly phenomenal. It has been described by fans of this facial as, “feeling as smooth as after having a more invasive medical procedure…you know the word.”

Today, in the quest for anti-aging and beauty treatments, there are many popular invasive skincare therapies that are offered by a variety of sources including med spas, dermatology offices and plastic surgeons. While effective, some of these medical services can create a visible reaction such as peeling, bruising, or redness and require recovery time following the procedures. That is not the case with the DermalInfusion facial.

The goal of the DermalInfusion facial is to simultaneously refresh and hydrate the skin, to improve the texture and volume without harsh chemicals or downtime, and to leave your skin smooth and beautiful following the treatment. This beauty treatment has been designed to soothe and well as treat the skin and will not prevent you from enjoying an appointment immediately after the facial has been performed.

The Technology Behind DermalInfusion Facials

This amazing facial technology is a patented, non-invasive skin treatment that can improve a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions. From helping improve acne and blemish marks to wrinkles and dark spots, and in simply rehydrating the skin for a fresh, clear complexion it’s versatility is amazing. What’s more, its quick, safe, and applicable from head-to-toe and suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

This technology is often compared to a popular procedure referred to as a hydrafacial offered at spas and salons. However, it is distinctly different. DermalInfusion uses diamond-head tips for controlled depth exfoliation while simultaneously delivering pro-infusion serums delivered to the base of pores and the epidermis. Continuous vacuum pressure flushes pores with serums while removing dirt and debris.   Six medical studies have demonstrated DermalInfusion delivers 70% more volume following treatment.

Because the machine is designed to consistently control the depth of the treatment, it is not subject to operator error or inconsistency. Therefore, unlike hydrafacials, no area of the face or body is restricted for treatment. It can be used on: face—including lips and eyelids, neck, chest, legs, arms, abdomen, feet, and back.

DermalInfusion’s 3-in-1 technology multitasks like a supermom. It exfoliates, extracts impurities and deeply cleanses while it infuses specific customized serums deeply into the skin. Because exfoliation and serum application is performed at the same time, it optimizes absorption of the therapeutic serum by the skin. This volumizes the skin and can dramatically transform skin in just one treatment, in under 30 minutes.

Especially in our bright and sunny Austin climate, sun damage to our face, neck, chest, and body is a continual challenge. Hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sunspots happen even to the most vigilant sunscreen wearers. Our professional DermalInfusion treatment can help exfoliate dark spots away. When combined with the right professional treatment regime and products, their appearance can be visibly improved.

Consult an Esthetician for Customized Solutions

Warm weather notwithstanding, we’re not immune to freezing cold temperatures during the fall and winter months. Dry, dehydrated skin is also a common condition that is heightened during that season. Whatever the season, Janet St. Paul’s beauty team can help you weather skin changes caused by the environment and those that are simply a product of the aging process. 

The best bet? Talk with our esthetician. She will evaluate your skin and help make a skincare plan to ensure you look and feel bright, supple and refreshed. If you have questions about our beauty and skincare services or would like to schedule a consultation to learn more, please call the salon at 512-474-5000. We look forward to meeting you.