Getting to the Root of Your Best Hair with a Scalp Analysis

Aug 1, 2018Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Healthy Hair Begins with a Healthy Scalp

Janet St. Paul’s many different clients share a common desire when they walk through our doors. They all are seeking expert advice and exquisite services to achieve their most flattering hairstyle. For both men and women, the secret to enduring style begins with a healthy, strong head of hair, and healthy hair begins at the root in the scalp.

A healthy scalp is vital to beautiful, stylish hair, and at Janet St. Paul for Hair and Beauty, achieving and maintaining a healthy scalp is a cornerstone of our salon’s philosophy. As the North American flagship for PHYTO Paris, our salon represents the leading global authority in botanically-based hair and beauty products. Our team of stylists and PHYTO Paris experts are extensively trained in assessing the scalp and assisting clients with a prescriptive regimen to optimize its condition.

Getting to the Root of Scalp Concerns

As we travel through stages in life, our skin undergoes numerous transitions. From changes we encounter from our 20s through parenthood, and mid-life maturing into our senior years, our scalp often reflects these changes. Changing seasons can also bring challenges to our skin and scalp—from dry, flaking skin in cooler months to congestion and itching in the sweltering summertime. Stress, health conditions and genetics can trigger issues, such as thinning and hair loss. These concerns are commonly seen in the salon, and our stylists will discuss the best strategy and regimens for correcting them as part of our consultations.

Scalp Analysis

To understand the condition of a client’s scalp, a close-up examination is necessary. Through using a special Scalp Analysis Camera we are able to see the skin at the scalp magnified 200x. This provides instant visibility of what may be contributing to a variety of concerns like shedding, itching, dandruff or thinning. We then offer a prescriptive approach to re-balancing the scalp through recommended treatments, techniques and products that are free of harmful chemicals and promote healthy, balanced skin. In addition, this exclusive technology can help monitor new hair growth. We are among the few salons, internationally, who offer this comprehensive, integrative, botanically-based approach to scalp, hair and beauty.

This PHYTO-exclusive program along with maintaining unique digital records allows us to measure and monitor a client’s progress. We can determine if reactions to currently-used products, build-up, or other conditions may be disrupting the balance of the hair’s growth and texture. Through technology, training and superior regimens, our salon can help determine the best solutions for achieving a healthy scalp.



From scalp treatments, to shampoos, serums, supplements and styling products, PHYTO Paris is renowned as the leading expert in botanically-based solutions for achieving healthy, beautiful hair. There are literally hundreds of glowing reviews that are testament to the effectiveness and gentleness of their exclusive, plant-based formulas. We are extremely proud to bring this level of holistic beauty services to our Austin salon.

How to Book a Scalp Analysis

To learn which regimen effectively addresses your particular challenges and goals, schedule a consultation or ask your Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty stylist at your next appointment. Through our training and product knowledge, we understand that the beautiful results you are looking for are a combination of a healthy baseline paired with excellent technical expertise. Together, we work with you to help manage and maintain your ongoing progress to achieve your best hair.  Schedule an appointment today. Call 512-474-5000.