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Meet Janet’s Favorite Designing Women + Tips for Enhancing Your Environment at Home

When you walk into Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty, you are instantly transported to a salon experience that is one-of-a-kind. It is buzzing with activity yet is serene and peaceful. Beautifully light and airy, the salon is sumptuous and gracious—a reflection of the woman whose name is etched on the door of the entrance. Janet’s personal design aesthetic has evolved from her experience growing up in “The Big Easy”, establishing her career in “The Big Apple”, and choosing to build her home in our burgeoning city of the violet crown. Her signature blend of romantic, spiritual, contemporary and natural creates a design experience that is both aspirational and approachable—and especially beautiful. 

Designing Women

When she opened her location in Austin Janet had a precise vision paired with the challenge of a very small space. Blending bliss with business is a tall order, so she hired interior designer, Amity Worrel to help bring her vision to life. Amity, whose award winning design firm, Amity Worrel & Co. had also began in Manhattan, was up for the challenge. Their successful collaboration resulted in a sophisticated, pretty, petite salon which was the powerful launching pad for Janet’s success. From being awarded as Austin’s best from the first year she opened the doors to being chosen as the PHYTO Paris flagship for North America, her salon and its signature style has progressed hand-in-hand.  

Amity Worrel, Interior Designer at Amity Worrel & Co.



Photo Credit: amityworrel.com

Amity Worrel & Co. was again called upon for the interior design in the new, much larger space. Alongside Austin architect Dianne Kett, of DK Studio, Amity’s talented team worked with Janet to design the 2nd street space into the chic, urban, yet feminine and luxurious destination it has become.

Dianne Kett, Architect



Photo Credit: studiodk.com

For furniture and finishing touches Janet worked with Austin interior decorator and stylist Lauren Ramirez who helped source fine yet durable textiles and find French-inspired furniture.

Lauren Ramirez, Designer




Photo Credit: lauren-ramirez.com/

Working together with these wonder women has been a powerful lesson in empowerment. When everyone brings their best, the result is beautiful and profoundly rewarding.” – Janet St. Paul

Like her award-winning hair cuts, Janet’s distinct sense of style begins with a solid foundation. Clean structural lines. Excellent materials. Soothing comfort. Luxurious details. Then, mix-in her personal passions, injections of vibrant colors, fresh flowers, pure, essential elements from nature, sensory textures and scents, and when you walk in to her salon—or her lovely home on Austin’s east side—you have a clear reflection of what matters to Janet.


Janet believes beauty is found in the simplest moments. To create those design moments—both at home and at the salon, every week she stops by her favorite flower shop to gather the tall, dramatic stems that she’ll arrange for the salon. “It’s a ritual that I really enjoy….building something simple and beautiful that is inviting to my clients and welcomes them.” Lighting a candle is also a way to add an instant peaceful ambience and infuse a room with a mood—from romance to energizing. “Essential-oils and home fragrance that are complex and sensuous are best,” Janet added.  


Art, accessories, housewares, and things you see and touch everyday should bring you joy. “I really like home accessories that have interesting texture. Geodes, bisque porcelain, wood, and beautiful textiles. What’s great is they are easily changed when you’re in a mood to freshen-up your space when seasons change. Around the holidays, I enjoy shopping for fresh garland & unique vintage holiday decorations like oversized nutcrackers or large sleigh bells. I’ll make it into a fun excursion with my mom, now that she’s living in Austin!”


If there is a “mecca” for Janet’s design inspiration, that would be ABC Carpet & Home in New York. When she travels there, it is always on her must visit list. Their penchant for over-the-top displays, creative workshops and an ever-changing, amazing inventory never disappoints. Looking for a little inspiration of your own? Here are Janet’s top five resources for enhancing your experience at home:

Flower Shop: Austin Flower Company

Home Fragrance: NEST (available in the salon)
Janet’s Favorite Summer Scent:
Linen (new) & Sicilian Tangerine
Janet’s Favorite Winter Scent:
Pumpkin chai and Moroccan Amber

Art: Wally Workman Gallery – Austin

Artists: Janel Jefferson, Honora Jacob
Mike Malizia Art

Holiday Decor: Hobby Lobby
Bergdorf Goodman (after-holiday sales are great for decor)

Inspiration: ABC Carpet & Home – Manhattan
Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Ave – NYC

My biggest tip is to go for what consistently makes you smile, brings you a sense of purpose and peace, and reminds you of your connection—to the earth, to your family, to your joy.

Janet St. Paul
Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty