i Profumi di Firenze

Nov 16, 2019Loves

A scent so pure, so beautiful, so incredible offers a story most cannot believe. i Profumi di Firenze is an exclusive perfume hand-blended in small batches. Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is proud to be one of three locations in the state of Texas to carry these incredible scents. 

What makes the fragrance even more incredible, is the historic events that led to its discovery. In 1966 Florence, Italy experienced a flood that killed over 100 people and destroyed thousands of masterpieces, but what Dr. Giovanni di Massimo found was completely untouched. Hidden in the basement of his apothecary and buried for centuries, was a Renaissance era manuscript containing Catherine de Medici’s secret perfume formulas. What Dr. di Massimo recreated from these formulas was the intoxicating scent that caught the attention of many wordwide.

Carefully crafted using all-natural ingredients and proprietary essence extraction methods, i Profumi di Firenze is unforgettable. Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty carries three fragrances from this collection, with a scent for every woman, day or special occasion:

Vaniglia del Madagascar

Vaniglia del Madagascar has been favored by royalty and society’s favorites. Made with the world’s finest vanilla from Madagascar, the perfume is seemingly simple with deep, alluring caramel tones. The scent of  Vanilla Orchid from the Island of Madagascar and Italian Wild Honeysuckle, are finished with fresh green notes. 

Caterina de Midici

Caterina de Medici, named for its original creator and beautifully recreated in Florence, offers an exquisite ambrosial floral bouquet. Associated with royalty, its fresh floral elegance is deliciously timeless. This scent has notes of Damascus Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Purple Iris of Florence, with fresh hints of Chamomile. 

Brezza di Mare

Brezza di Mare captures the scent of an ocean breeze. Understated and elegant, this perfume opens with top notes of Fleur de Sel and Bergamot from Calabria, Fresh Lemon and Lime from Sicily, Citron, a touch of Watermelon and White Musk. 

Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is honored to stock this exclusive perfume, which so happens to be a personal favorite of Janet. Stop by our studio anytime to catch a whiff of the alluring scents, or as to sample them during your next appointment.