More Color Selection Starts This Fall!

Oct 8, 2020Tips, Trends, Tutorials

About the Products

Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty is excited to announce that we have expanded our color line to feature L’Oreal Serie Expert. Yes, of course, it’s definitely “because you’re worth it!” But also, because you’ve asked for it, we’ve decided to offer a broader diversity in professional treatments for all hair textures. L’Oreal Serie Expert line is a luxury hair care line from the acclaimed L’Oreal Professionnel that leaves the hair feeling light and silky.

By adding L’Oreal’s Serie Expert to the salon’s color service options, this proven performer brings a wide range of color options for hair of all color and texture. The line is prescriptive for every hair type from repair to growing longer hair. It is a powerful complement to the PHYTO hair and scalp care products. 

Our clients are now able to have a broader and more customized selection of color solutions. Especially for our clients who have high texture or thick hair, L’Oreal Serie Expert provides unparalleled vibrancy, shine and conditioning.


  • Added Silkiness, Softness and Smoothing
    All of the L’Oreal Serie Expert hair color products give an added silky, smoothing, soft feel to different hair textures. This is especially appreciated by people with high texture or thick hair.
  • It’s Designed to Strengthen the Hair
    The color is designed to nourish from the inside-out. Although the color line is not naturally derived, L’Oreal only uses the highest grade ingredients for superior performance. The extensive portfolio also offers ammonia-free options, as well.
  • The Perfect Prescriptive Complement
    L’Oreal Series Expert leave-in products help protect and extend color, and are a perfect compliment to PHYTO Paris, our luxury botanical line
  • More Color Options
    A broader diversity helps us further customize routines to achieve optimal performance for each unique client’s unique needs.
  • Excellent Longevity
    Color can stay true to tone for up to six weeks past the original application.
  • Color Care Products
    The products are heavily concentrated with no water inside so a little goes a long way!  A bottle of shampoo will last for 75 cleanses. All shampoos are color-safe and there is a specific line for even longer color retention.