Janet Loves Local: CORE Therapy & Pilates

Sep 8, 2020Loves

If you talk to multiple members of our team, you will quickly find out that one of their favorite places to go is CORE Therapy & Pilates in Westlake. Stephen and Cheryl have set out to help as many people as they can turn away from pain medicine through physical therapy and fitness. Even through a pandemic, they have been able to create new ways of helping patients near and far. 

A little bit about the business: Core Therapy & Pilates offers an innovative, whole-body approach to Physical Therapy and Fitness. Their team is certified in Pilates and GYROTONIC® to provide the highest quality of instruction to patients and fitness clients.

While you may have heard of Physical Therapy, we love going to CORE because unlike many locations, they take a unique approach in looking at the whole body to know where the issue or pain originates from to create a unique action plan for each client. When you look at the full picture and how it connects, you can work towards full body and mind healing to change the pain cycle.

While the pandemic has changed many businesses, the team at CORE has been committed to enhancing their safety by offering both private sessions, small socially distant classes, and virtual meetings. If you have any ongoing pain, pre-existing physical conditions, or ones that have appeared over the past few months, the team at CORE can help you stay pain-free and healthy through this time. 

If you would like to learn more about CORE Therapy & Pilates and Janet’s experience, watch the following YouTube interviews with both Cheryl and Stephen.

As stated by Beth St. Paul, “I’ve been going to see the CORE team for 3 years. Not only has my neck pain subsided without medication, I also have increased my upper body strength. I feel safe at CORE because they take their safety protocols seriously. The safety of their patients is a top priority.”

If you would like to learn more about signing up for a class or talking to an expert on their team, visit https://therapyandpilates.com/. We look forward to hearing about your experience!