PHYTO RE30: A Botanical Anti-Grey Hair Treatment

Sep 17, 2018Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Delay and Reverse Grey Hair

Many can recall the arrival of their first grey hair, one of the first visible signs of aging. Some embrace the grey, while others cover with dyes and pigments. After six years of research, PHYTO has achieved the impossible with RE30. This revolutionary product re-pigments grey hair at the roots with a patented peptide ingredient.

By targeting the mechanisms causing grey hair, PHYTO RE30, a 98% natural ingredient formula, has shown to reduce the number of grey hairs by 30%*. Among clinical study participants, 77% said they had less grey hair and 83% said their hair overall looked less grey.

*Test carried out on peptide RE30 – Clinical study on 15 volunteers for 3 months – daily application. Pigmentation density measurements before and after treatment (n = 6 volunteers).

How It Works

The RE30 peptide helps boost the hair’s natural pigmentation process and protects it against future depigmentation. The anti-grey peptide is complemented by a purple tulip extract with keratin-associated proteins that strengthens the hair from the roots.

Easy to Use

The light, non-oily texture includes a delicate, citrus-like fragrance. It is also paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free and talc free. Simply apply eight sprays per day on a dry or wet scalp and leave in the hair (do not rinse).

As PHYTO’s North American flagship salon, Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty exclusively carries PHYTO’s line of botanically-based hair care products and adheres to the philosophy that healthy hair begins with a scalp. Visit Janet St. Paul Studio in downtown Austin to discuss a natural hair care routine that’s best for your specific hair needs, and ask for RE30.