The Best Root Touch-up is Here

Jul 19, 2017Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty has an exciting new hair color product in our downtown Austin salon, just in time for vacation season. If your travel schedule means you’ll be taking a little extra time in between color appointments, it’s great to know that your hair color regrowth doesn’t have to come along for the trip! Subtil’s new Hair Make-up is the amazing new touch-up root spray that you can toss in your bag for color insurance until you return to the salon for your next appointment.

This highly pigmented, water-resistant formula of make-up for your hair comes in four shades: light blonde, dark blonde, light chestnut, dark chestnut. In just 30 seconds, your roots can disappear, and application is fast and easy.

To temporarily cover regrowth with Subtil Hair Make-up, follow the simple application steps below.

Be sure to ask your Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty stylist to demonstrate how Subtil’s Hair Make-up can provide you with a great touch-up tool that will help bridge the regrowth and give you a little extra cushion between hair color appointments!

As the Phyto Paris flagship salon for North America, our award-winning hair salon on 2nd street in downtown Austin carries the complete botanical line of Phyto hair and beauty products, including this exciting, time saving product from Subtil, Phyto’s hair color line. This product can not only give you a little peace of mind in between hair color appointments, but you can rely on the integrity of the ingredients to be safe, effective, and healthy. Your hair color regrowth will be concealed, and it will leave your hair feeling full and bouncy from the root, with beautiful shine.

Remember, this is a temporary touch-up, and is a safe, beautiful way to extend your gorgeous color. Stop by our new, award-winning salon on 2nd street in downtown Austin to pick-up your Subtil Hair Make-up. Call us at 512-474-5000, and we’ll gladly reserve yours today.

Step 1.
Select the Subtil Hair Make-up color that is best match for your root line.

Step 2.
Shake the bottle to ensure the most even product distribution.

Step 3.
Part the hair, to expose the root.

Step 4.
Spray the roots, holding the pump 8-10 inches away from the scalp.

Step 5.
Let Dry… You can expect your root touch-up to last after a dip in the pool, or a few successive showers before you’ll need to reapply.