Video: The Janet St. Paul Method

Aug 25, 2017Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Your Prescription for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

There is more to producing a long-lasting, beautiful hairstyle than simply cut and color. At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty, the team of stylists are trained in the Janet St. Paul Method to create a truly customized look and regime. The client’s hair texture, face shape and lifestyle are assessed, along with an evaluation of the health and condition of the scalp and hair. A scalp scope provides a close-up view of the scalp, giving a thorough evaluation for clients who have concerns about thinning, patchiness, product buildup or other issues.

The modern, elegant hairstyle which results from this collaboration with the client comes from a thorough, holistic understanding of all of these elements.

The unique architecture of an excellent custom-designed haircut becomes the foundation for the client’s style. However, beyond cut and color, the professional advice about maintaining the hairstyle, and improving the condition and health of the hair is a cornerstone of the Janet St. Paul method.

The secret to beautiful, healthy hair is a healthy scalp. When a scalp is suffering buildup from products, irritation or infection from congestion, or the effect of changing hormones, effects show up in the hair. Thinning, hair loss or itchy, unpleasant-smelling hair can be a result of unaddressed issues at the scalp.

PHYTO Paris is the product line that Janet St. Paul has been recommending to clients since her doors opened in downtown Austin in 2011. Because of its botanical-based purity of ingredients, and the company’s commitment to providing a prescriptive solution for multiple needs, Janet carries the complete PHYTO Paris product line at her new Austin salon located on 2nd street in the Northshore building.

The product line is sophisticated, targeted and concentrated for specific needs. Our professional stylists have unparalleled expertise in prescribing a PHYTO regimen that will suit the unique needs and goals of our clients for their healthiest, most beautiful hair.

Plant-based (botanical) more than any other product line in the industry, PHYTO Paris performs best when the power of the product is thoroughly understood. Professional advice from our PHYTO-trained stylists ensures that clients are using the product for the best possible outcomes.

“No other product line I have seen comes close to PHYTO Paris for correcting, and maintaining the health of the scalp and hair”

Janet’s experience in New York working with celebrity clients, fashion week, and magazine editorial gave her invaluable perspective on how to create high-performance hairstyle. When combined with maintaining the ultimate health of the hair, the Janet St. Paul method provides a winning combination that clients love and appreciate.

Call us at 512-474-5000, and see why Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty was chosen as the PHYTO Paris flagship for the US.