The Secret Behind the Janet St. Paul Blowout

Feb 26, 2018Tips, Trends, Tutorials

The whirr of the dryer has been silenced and your hairstyle has been finessed with the final application of product. You reach up to accept the hand mirror from your stylist as your chair is slowly turned for you to take in your 360-degree reflection in the large mirror at the styling station. Your look is refreshed, your spirits are lifted, and the movement and texture of your hair feels silky and new.

That “just left the salon” feeling is unmistakable, and at our award-winning downtown Austin salon one of the not-so-secret ingredients to Janet St. Paul’s stellar reputation. Part of the recipe for success is the exceptional blowout that Janet and her team provide. The flawless finish for every hair care service is just one reason that clients keep coming back, and the press and beauty industry consider Janet St. Paul an authority on the subject.

Blowouts have become a big deal. Thanks to the recent spike of celebrities of all ages embracing long, silky locks, demand has picked up. The popularity of this look has created a niche of businesses that only do on-demand blowouts.

Not Every Blowout Is Created Equal

While most of us may not have a full-time glam squad on the payroll like these trend-setting celebs, time-crunched style-savvy women are scheduling weekly professional blowouts to enjoy long-lasting smooth locks without the hassle of trying to wrangle the job at home. Blow dry bars have become popular and are filling a niche to answer clients’ desires for quick access to ‘everyday’ blowouts as well as for more ordinary occasions like date night or girls nights. 

Not every blowout is created equal. The difference between stick-straight and spectacular lies in the technique of how the blowout is done. A skilled blowout does not damage or overdry, and provides lift, which makes long hair feel light and flowing against the scalp. It brings volume and defines shape for fine hair, and it adds soft curling sexy waves that frame your face. Not only does the blowout achieve a polished post-salon look, but when properly maintained at home, a blowout from Janet St. Paul can last five days and up to a week. Watch the video below to see the Janet St. Paul difference:

The difference is that our approach offers a more personalized experience. We get to know our clients and understand their unique styling challenges.

Clients who have tried some of these on-demand blowouts have shared that while they enjoyed the convenience, they haven’t seen the same long-lasting results nor the lift they get from their blowout at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty. Janet said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with a blow dry bar for convenience. The difference is that our approach offers a more personalized experience. We get to know our clients and understand their unique styling challenges.” Janet explained that clients often purchase packages of blowouts to use throughout the year. “Prior to heading out for vacation, they’ll come in for a blowout, knowing it will last and look great for many days throughout their trip. We also provide styling and product tips to help them in dealing with humidity, sun, sand or surf,” she said.

Janet’s clients appreciate five-star service. “We often get short-notice requests. Since moving to a larger location downtown and growing our team of stylists to 6, most of the time we can easily accommodate,” Janet said.

How can a blowout last this long?

An exceptional professional salon blowout is a combination of talent, training, technique, and tools. In this post, we’re sharing a look inside all four.


Credit for this styling technique that has become part of our daily routine goes to the the founder of our partner, PHYTO Paris. The blowdry was invented by PHYTO Paris founder, Patrick Alès back in the late 1960s. His philosophy of always respecting the health of the scalp and hair is what our team brings to every blowout, every day.

Janet’s talented team of stylists has accrued decades of experience behind the chair, having spent most of their careers in downtown Manhattan’s most respected salons. This means your blowout is done by a professional with precision and expertise, minimizing any possible damage resulting from over-drying that can occur in less experienced hands.


The team is trained extensively in the latest techniques and treatments, including the French blowdry technique, made famous by PHYTO Paris Patrick Alès. Training is a cornerstone of Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty. Janet’s team logs up to 20 hours a week just in training. The internationally-acclaimed stylist, Fabrice Parra recently flew to Austin from for an intensive training session with the team. Janet added, “this incredible educational opportunity was so valuable to our team.”

Stylists are trained in the Janet St. Paul Method, which includes the blowout process.

Our commitment to always continue learning is what keeps our skills sharp and our creativity fresh,” Janet said. “We are always striving to build on our knowledge base, it never stops.


1. Clean hair is folded up into a towel turban, allowing the towel to absorb most of the water.

2. The hair is combed-through to detangle, and prepped according to the quality and texture of the hair.

3. To help provide lift at the scalp, the roots are sprayed with Phytovolume Actif.

4. To smooth and protect the hair, a dime-to-a-quarter size of PHYTODefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm is applied throughout.

5. The hair is separated into four to six sections, clipping longer sections out of the way. Shorter hair may just be parted into two.

6. About six inches above the scalp, the blowdry begins at the roots with a professional dryer, carefully directing and continuously moving the airflow down the hair shaft.

7. Beginning with the under-layers of the sectioned hair, the stylist will begin drying the hair, grabbing a small brush-width of the sectioned hair while applying slight tension to help smooth and straighten the section. The combination of tension, evenly moving heat, and brushing smooths and removes most but not all of the moisture. 

8. When the hair is about 70% dry, PHYTO Phytokeratine is applied to protect the hair from heat and for a smooth, shiny blowout.

9. The top layer surrounding the face is often “over directed” (lifting the hair at the root the opposite direction of the part).

10. The stylist will finish the blowout with a final application of Phytolisse Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum on the ends of the hair. To offer soft hold, they may also spray with PHYTO Pro Workable Holding Spray.

Technique—At Home

While you are not able to get the same angles that your stylist can while styling your hair, with the right tools, products and a little practice you can still achieve pro-looking results if you follow these tips:

1. Make sure your hair isn’t tangled prior to blow drying.

2. Separate your hair into sections. Four-to-six sections are recommended for medium to long hair, two for short hair.

3. Apply your prescribed PHYTO products to the section of your hair as directed.

4. Always with the nozzle attached, hold your hairdryer about six inches away from your scalp. It is important to maintain this distance from your scalp so you don’t burn your hair or scalp. Always point the dryer down the hair to prevent frizzing.

5. Using either a barrel or bristle brush, work your way through the sections from the top down, keeping the dryer moving across the hair to gently dry it, ensuring not to focus on one spot for too long.

6. Do not dry your hair “completely dry.” Leave your hair about 30% damp. The remaining moisture in your hair will dry naturally in just a few minutes, and you won’t over-dry or damage your hair.

7. You can seal the section of hair by finishing your blowdry with a blast of cold air. It adds shine and separation.

8. With your fingers, arrange your hair or gently detangle it, and complete your blowdry with your prescribed finishing PHYTO product (spray or oil).


The hairdryer Janet recommends for in-home styling is the Turbo Power Twin Turbo. The travel size is lightweight, powerful, and delivers professional looking results. Plus its compact size makes it perfect for travel. (Available for purchase in the salon.)

The brush Janet recommends to help smooth even very coarse, thick, curly hair is the Bio Ionic. Use on hair after the excess wetness has been taken out. (Available for purchase in the salon.)

The brush Janet recommends for adding smooth and polish to fine hair is the Spornette. Beyond the blowout, brushing regularly with the large classic German porcupine boar-nylon bristle cushion brush is great for the overall health of the hair. (Available for purchase in the salon.)

How to Make your Blowout Last

When you leave the salon, follow these suggestions to get long-lasting life out of your Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty blowout:

  • Use a shower cap when showering or bathing to keep moisture from curling straight styles.
  • Apply a small spritz of Phytovolume Actif to the roots at the crown, flip the hair forward (upside down) and back before arranging with your fingers.

Blow-dry with care. Heat can be damaging to hair if you over-dry or do not protect it adequately with the right products. As the Phyto USA flagship salon, the products we recommend are botanically-based and scientifically formulated to maintain and improve the health of your scalp and hair. There is no safer, more botanically-based product available.

We take pride in helping educate our clients during the appointment. Our stylists will always share tips for you to style and care for your hair at home. At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty, you can expect a long-lasting, professional blowout performed by Austin’s most acclaimed stylists in a luxurious environment. Whether for a blowout, or after any of our services and treatments, our mission is to send you out the doors of our the salon feeling beautiful and ready for your next encounter.