Top 5 Tips to Look and Feel Your Best This Spring

Apr 21, 2019Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Top 5 Tips for the Spring Season

Springtime in Austin is simply the best! Wildflowers emerge and colors intensify turning intersections and hillsides into living jewelry boxes. Granted, the price we pay for such a beautiful springtime in our violet crown city involves a heavy dose of Shrek-green colored pollen, but we all push through allergy season and arrive fully into the season of renewal.

To freshen up our fashion, our hair and our beauty we can follow nature’s lead and use the change in season as motivation to brighten and lighten-up!

These are Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty’s Top Five Tips to freshen your look and feel your best this Spring season:

1. Get a Facial

When seasons change our skin is often the first to react. The winter months can tend to be drying from head to toe. Springtime is one of the best times to focus on renewal. A facial will help thoroughly exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin, providing a beautiful glow and silky texture–a beautiful foundation for your beauty routine.

From Dermalinfusion to our French facial. Janet St. Paul for Hair & Beauty has specialty treatments designed for your specific needs. A consultation with our esthetician, Marie Camacho is the best way to determine the best facial for you.

2. Shape Your Brows

One of the most immediate ways to enhance your eyes and balance the symmetry of your facial structure is to get your eyebrows professionally shaped. Our talented makeup artist, Jessica Tristan can finesse your brows and teach you how to keep up the look at home.

Microblading is another excellent beauty secret for long-lasting, semi-permanent solutions for beautiful brows. This is especially impactful for fair-complected clients or those with uneven or thin eyebrows. Learn more about microblading by scheduling a consultation. It can be a huge timesaver, to boot.

3. Add a Flush of Color to Cheeks and Lips

Janet’s eponymous line of makeup features beautifully fresh and luscious colors for eyes, cheeks and lips in a variety of formulas. The fastest way to bring springtime to your look is a new lip color. Adding a brighter shade of lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss is an instantaneous beauty and mood boost. Whether sheer or matte, a berry or floral color energizes skin that may be paler after a season spent mostly indoors. A new lip color is an instant update for both casual and formal looks.

For more of a treat, schedule a makeup session with Jessica, and your day will get a lot more special–promise! Why wait for a wedding or formal event to finesse your face? A new application technique or color palette can elevate the way you look daytime or evening throughout the season.

4. Lighten Up

Spring often brings motivation to simplify and streamline. From our home life and jobs to beauty routines, we are more motivated to liberate our longer locks, add brighter accents to hair color, cut bangs, expose more of our face with new layers, or take the leap for an entirely fresh and new style. With no slight intended toward renowned organizing expert Marie Kondo, our team has witnessed the most powerful and celebratory “sparking of joy” when a client walks out of the salon with a fabulous new haircut. Spring is the perfect time to go for a new hairstyle.

It isn’t necessary to switch dramatically from long hair to a pixie cut to enjoy a spring refresher. Even subtle changes to your haircut, as well as learning new ways to style your hair can deliver impact. Go for it!

Consult your stylist for ways that will change-up your look but that will employ the Janet St. Paul method for the best way your style will complement your lifestyle, face shape and hair texture.

5. Try a New Fragrance

Fragrance is a sensory experience that has been proven to influence mood and emotions. Wearing fragrance can be a uniquely personal as well as a shared experience, and spring is the perfect excuse to explore new scents.

Concentrated Eau de Parfum dabbed on pulse points  or a lighter cologne spray worn similarly provides a lovely wardrobe of mood-enhancing personal fragrance that

The salon carries an exclusive collection of personal fine fragrance by NEST and LIERAC Paris. To explore a new scent, rather than only holding the sample bottle close to your nose to find if it suits your preference, we recommend trying a sample of two fragrances–one on each wrist–at the beginning of your appointment and note how the fragrance reacts with your unique body chemistry and how each softens and blooms by the time you are ready to leave.

In your environment, NEST home fragrance is Janet’s favorite line of candles, lotions, bamboo reed diffusers. These luxury fragrances broadcast superbly, filling a room with sophisticated, complex scents that are light, or luscious, and perfect for the mood you wish to create in your home.

For Spring, Grapefruit, Bamboo or Sicilian Tangerine are especially lovely.

Try just one of these tips, or deep dive into all five, and celebrate this special time of year looking and feeling stellar! We absolutely love and are honored and grateful to be a part of your journey to living your best life. Book your spring appointment at the salon today.