Poston Gardens

Apr 20, 2019Loves

Flowers for a Good Cause

This month, one of our fantastic clients brought a beautiful bouquet of tulips into the salon as a gift for Janet, but the story behind them was even more magnificent than the flowers themselves. Just off of I-35 in Waxahachie, Poston Gardens is home to rows upon rows of colorful tulips for a good cause.

Their Story

John Poston, owner of Poston Gardens, decided to grow and sell tulips to help support Daymark Living, a facility located next door that is a resort-style community that teaches people with intellectual and developmental delays to live more independently.

Poston’s 23-year-old son, Michael, was born with Down syndrome. Once he turned 18, there weren’t a lot of options for him to live a normal, independent life. This inspired Poston to plan and build Daymark to help Michael and others like him gain valuable life skills.

For every flower sold, a portion of the profits goes directly to Daymark Living and its mission. Make sure to stop by next time to grab a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Find more information about Poston Gardens and Daymark Living.