Everything You Want To Know About Balayage

Sep 20, 2019Tips, Trends, Tutorials


Since many clients have heard of balayage and often request it, today’s blog is intended to help share information about this technique that is sweeping the international beauty scene. As with many beauty and fashion trends throughout history, balayage began in France. While we are seeing it trend presently, it is not new.

Balayage Then & Now

Balayage started in the 1970s when application techniques were more cumbersome than today. As depicted here, balayage au coton shows a process involving strands of cotton used in applying color to fine hair.

Thankfully, modern technology has introduced more streamlined and effective methods for balayage. 

What is Balayage?

The word, in French, (from balayer: to sweep) is literally defined as ‘sweeping’. Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair. It is not a color product or brand, as many assume. The technique of balayage involves a sweeping technique of painting on the hair color to create a graduated, natural-looking, sun-kissed result. Balayage at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty is among one of our most popular and renowned color services. It can look both very modern as well as classic. This method also helps clients achieve a beautiful, soft grow-out with less regrowth demarcation while also adding warmth and golden-toned highlights to the style.

Since this is a technique, the manner and methods used by the stylist is the most important consideration to ensure a beautiful result. Our team has hundreds of hours of training and experience in balayage.

When Balayage is NOT Best

We see many clients when they are seeking color correction. While, ultimately we may arrive at a balayage-highlighted style, to transition the hair to the more desirable color/condition we may initially use foil highlights or another technique that mimics the results of balayage, called foilyage.

Balayage is not recommended:

  • For clients who have previous damage from other highlighting
  • When the variance between the original color and the desired color is dramatically different
  • For clients with dark, single-process color

Foilyage is another technique that uses foil for more intensified color application and processing. The hair is also sectioned specifically to create a more natural-blended look that is soft and feathery, like balayage. 

Color Quality

As many highlighting and hair coloring devotees can attest, processed hair can sometimes present challenges. Many of the color correction clients we see are experiencing dryness, brittleness, and breakage, often a result of over-processing or products that are harsh on the hair and scalp. In addition to color correction, our plant-based, prescriptive approach for hair and scalp care can be a godsend. Clients comment on the lustrous, soft and luxurious–often improved texture of their hair after receiving color services. 

As the North American flagship for Phyto Paris, we are proud to offer our color services with Subtil hair color. This complete haute couture hair color product line delivers long-lasting luminous color while preserving the hair’s delicate structure. It limits chemical aggression to the hair and calms scalp irritations that may occur during a color process. One of its main ingredients is Epaline, a unique oil derivative used by Tibetan monks as a healing remedy for centuries.


When it comes to balayage, foilyage, foil highlights or single-process color, we have a recommendation. Rather than requesting a particular technique, we suggest that you discuss the result you aim to achieve with your stylist. Your unique texture, color and haircut will inform the best technique that will deliver your most beautifully-highlighted hair. At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty you can trust that your stylist is a well-trained, knowledgeable expert and will guide you with the correct technique to achieve the look and style that is best for you and the health of your hair.

Schedule a hair color consultation today to learn more about adding highlights to your style. Call the salon at 512-474-5000 or Request a Consult today.