Dr. Katie Shea | Fundamental Health

Dr. Katie Shea and her business Fundamental Health are now providing services in the salon. She is offering holistic health services that include acupuncture, cupping, and facial microneedling. Dr. Shea is looking forward to providing clients with a solution to the stress that each one of us is likely to have experienced over the past few years.

She utilizes the ancient wisdom of acupuncture to enhance the body’s ability to self-regulate as well as combat disease and imbalance in the body. She is able to effectively treat conditions ranging from pain and tension to insomnia and fatigue.

Her facial microneedling skills enable her to assist clients in looking as great as they feel. Microneedling is designed to enhance collagen and elastin production by tapping into the body’s natural healing processes. Of course, she will gladly add acupuncture to any facial microneedling session. Dr. Shea is here to help you achieve balance and vitality both inside and out!