Best Gifts Ever

Dec 18, 2018Loves

Janet St. Paul Staff Favorites

From the simplest gesture to the most extravagant, that stand-out, special gift—either given or received—is a precious memory most all of us share. Packages clumsily wrapped by a child’s hands, or a tiny velvet box presented in a dramatic moment are equally precious. Jamie Foxx just created a fragrance for Katie Holmes. It’s really not so much about the object as it is the moment and the intent that makes them special.

Now that the season of gratitude and giving is here and we’re all on the quest for holiday gifts, Janet has asked our team to share the “best ever” gifts that we all remember and love. We celebrate these moments and memories from our amazing team at Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty and hope they spark a smile or an idea for sharing your own “best gift” this holiday!

Janet: When I was around 6 years old I got two of my all-time favorite gifts: an easy bake oven and a giant doll head that would allow you to cut and style the hair and apply makeup. The idea of making my own delicious treats all by myself made me feel so grown up. And, funny to admit that I kept that doll head for a very long time!

The best gifts that I’ve given would have to be a subscription to the Sunday edition New York Times as well as some fab book subscriptions.

Beth: Drums – for months all I wanted was drums! I was 8 years old and just beginning to listen to music. I loved the loud sound of the drums. My parents, God bless them, actually bought me a set  Everyday when I got home from school all I wanted to do was play them. My parents got lots of cotton for their ears! I loved them!

Nicole: A homeless man in New York gave me some flowers—I love flowers! He said he stole them from the church next door. I’m sure God forgave him. Lol

Whitney: My baby boy, Grayson, because he is so perfect, and I’m so in love!

Linea: Growing up in Russia we didn’t have a lot, so when I started 1st grade my grandparents bought me my school uniform and a new backpack. This is the most special and memorable gift to me to this day!

Rachel: Honestly, every gift I’ve ever received from our clients is a favorite. I can remember each one! It is so special when time is taken out of a busy schedule especially during the holidays to think of us.

Michelle: My sophomore year in high school my dad surprised me with a three-day pass to ACL! This was special because I wasn’t expecting it, and he knew how happy I would be.

When it comes to gifting, the very best gifts that deliver delight show the recipient that the gift-giver really “gets” them! They don’t have to be extravagant in order to be really great. From a collection of wishes in a jar to open throughout the year to a gorgeous sparkling pair of earrings, it’s the sentiment behind the gift that connects and makes it great.

Remember that gifts of TLC are always well-received, and a gift certificate for a trip to Austin’s Best Salon is a winner! Let us know if we can help you with your holiday gift giving this season.