Find the Best Haircut and Length for Your Face Shape

Mar 20, 2019Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Let’s Talk about Haircuts

In the words of French fashion icon, Coco Chanel, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” At Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty we love seeing transformations every day. Now that it’s Springtime in Austin, the change in season provides excellent motivation for a change in hairstyle. Whether the change is dramatic or subtle, the end result we are all seeking is an energy boost when we look in the mirror. Change can be mobilizing and fun–especially when it comes to a new haircut.

A great haircut will call attention to your most distinctive features. This can be done a variety of ways–with texture, color, and style. But a well-structured haircut is the foundation. One of the essentials of the Janet St. Paul method includes understanding a holistic view of the client. Knowing a client’s lifestyle, hair texture, face shape, as well as the features she believes are her best help to arrive at the best look and hair care regime.

To consistently get the most flattering results with a haircut, it helps to understand how various lengths tend to work best with different face shapes.

For Round Face Shapes


Short and super-short pixie-length hair can look especially dramatic and smart on women whose face shape is round. Texture calls attention to eyes. Photo: Getty Images

A chin-length bob is an elegant and classic choice for round face shapes. Photo: Style News Network

The most popular cut for round-shaped face is in the range of medium to long. With this style, it’s all about layers that create movement and softness around the face. Photo: British Vogue

For Heart-Shaped Faces

The inverted triangle-nature of a heart-shaped face naturally calls attention to the forehead.

Creating texture with wispy layers and piecey-bangs makes for an edgier, modern, sophisticated look. Photo: Getty Images

To draw attention downward, a deep side part and bangs can be a chic, feminine look. Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Color adds dimension and a sense of direction that draw the eye to the lower part of this elegant soft hairstyle. Cascading from smooth at the top to loose curls at the bottom also achieves this. Photo: Style Bistro

For Square

To work in harmony with the stronger jawline common with a more angular-shaped face, it helps to go with a style the opposite of your face shape to create contrast. Round layers, fringe around the face and plenty of texture can help soften the jawline.

Soft and spikey or fringed layers are stunning. Photo: InStyle

Long flowing pieces below the jawline provide balance and symmetry beautifully. Photo: Celeb Vegas

For Oval Face Shape

This face shape allows for more style options, as it tends to be more evenly and spatially balanced.

A long ‘grown-out’ pixie is versatile for formal and casual that always looks modern and fresh. Clean cut around the ears and neckline, with soft texture around the forehead focuses attention on eyes. Photo: Speaking.com

Growing out last year’s bob? A cut with added soft layers around the face has become one of the trending looks of 2019. It’s incredibly versatile and flattering. Photo: Marie Claire

The sign of a great haircut is the impact it has when you look in the mirror. The best cut promotes confidence and enhances your most attractive features. It complements your personal style, your lifestyle, and works no matter the setting. It offers the wearer options for casual and formal. Sometimes, haircuts are truly life-changing. We invite you to indulge if you’re ready to explore a new look–that works with your face shape and your life.

Talking with an experienced, talented and stylist, like every stylist on our team at Janet St. Paul Hair & Beauty, will ultimately help you find that fresh new look you’re after. Set up a consultation or book your appointment today.