See our top 5 Tips for a Do it Yourself Blowout

Aug 24, 2019Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Blowout

When it comes to blowing out your hair at home vs. at the salon, can we just set the record straight and say: the results will be different. Your blowout at the salon looks gorgeous, moves and feels feather-light, and can last up to 6 days for a reason! Your Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair & Beauty stylist has an amazing advantage. There’s the training and the talent of our stylist team, but there is also the leverage from which the blow dryer is held that is impossible to replicate at home. So, that’s why it is impossible to achieve exactly the same results at home.

But, that said, you can absolutely achieve a beautiful silky smooth blowout at home if you know some strategic tips.

1. The most essential factor in achieving a great DIY blowout starts with having a good shape in the haircut.

This is the foundation for your best results. To arrive at a shape that is ideal for you, the Janet St Paul Method assesses your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle to arrive at a cut that is ideal.

2. Make sure you’re using the best tools for the job


When blowing out your hair at home, make sure you have an excellent hair dryer. The model we sell at the salon is the Twin Turbo Super compact 3800 and use the nozzle.

Use a good round brush. Whether you should use a metal or boar bristle brush depends on your hair texture.

Products: When blowing the hair smooth, start with Phyto Defrissant and Huile Soyeuse for leave-in hydration.

Hydration is essential in the hair when blowing it smooth because if the hair is dehydrated, after it’s styled it tends to extract humidity from the air which increases frizz.

3. Technique

The position of the dryer matters. When you want to smooth the hair, the dryer and the nozzle must be parallel when you’re working–not perpendicular. So position your dryer and then move the head to keep the dryer held above the brush. Do this rather than moving the dryer around a stationary head. Hold elbows out at 90 degrees from your body, and turn the head to either side to work around the face so your arms clear the shoulder. It’s fine to feel your way through the blow dry rather than try to watch every brushstroke.

4. When pressed for time, choose the path of least resistance

While smooth hair is a fine and fashionable choice, Janet loves to encourage going with the hair’s natural wave to make life easier.  Fine-to-medium textured hair that is not very coarse can be blown out just in a few key sections around the face, then polished and smoothed with a flat spornette brush (instead of metal brush) around the face. 

If needed, to blend with the wavier hair on the back of the head, you can throw a few curls with a curling iron in.

Natural wavy hair + just blew out bangs.

5. Make hair the healthiest it can be so the natural wave will curl and look beautiful naturally.

The best thing you can do is ask your stylist how to perfect your natural texture. There are so many tricks for many different textures. 

Our team will help perfect your hair product and treatment regimen so your hair will dry beautifully with its natural wave and will look great with just a few blown-out pieces. Treatment is everything!

So, set realistic goals when you are doing your own hair. Always remember, if you’d like a stellar, smooth blow-out for your next date night or special occasion, it is possible to get a great result at home–but, as many of our clients prefer, it’s often easier to schedule a professional blow-out at the salon!