5 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking (Any) Beauty Service

Aug 25, 2020Tips, Trends, Tutorials

The past few months of rollercoastering through the ups and downs have created a lot of COVID-19 chaos, confusion, and concern for clients and beauty industry professionals alike. From Austin, Texas to salons around the country, there is a wide range of standards or lack thereof that contribute to the quandary that folks find themselves in while simply seeking to resume their ‘normal’ hair and beauty services. 

A Note from Janet St. Paul

I care deeply about people and their health, and I am passionate about protecting our industry. This post is intended to empower and help our community navigate these uncertain times. Remember, it’s ok to ask your salon or service provider these or other relevant questions. Being informed helps protect you and your family, as well as the service providers and their families.

Stay safe!

~ Janet

Here are 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking a Service (at the salon or in-home)

Please note: Since we’re an Austin, Texas salon, we will be focusing on Texas rules.

1. What are the safety protocols for the individual service provider and/or the business?

If you are planning to go into a salon for services, before you step foot inside there are numerous steps that the salon should have in place to ensure the safety of clients and stylists/technicians.

Hand-washing, social distancing, ppe, temperature-taking and cleanliness rules vary for different providers. In general, work stations must be 6-feet apart, and social distancing, hygiene and face-covering behaviors must be followed. The minimum standards for these health protocols (linked below) are established and updated by the Governor’s office. Providers and establishments can use these as a baseline and add additional measures, based on their specific businesses.

At Janet St. Paul Salon for Hair & Beauty, we have established a COVID-19 salon safety protocol that we feel is as thorough and extensive as possible.

As of August 2020, these are the Minimum Standard Health Protocols Checklists for both Providers & Clients. 

Please take a look to learn what to look and ask for:

For Hair & Cosmetology Salons in Texas For Hair & Cosmetology Clients
For Nail Salons in Texas For Nail Salon Clients
For Massage & Personal Care Services in Texas For Massage & Personal Care Services Clients
For Barber Shops in Texas For Barber Shop Clients

2. What PPE and safety equipment is used at the appointment? 

There are clear “minimum” standards that should be observed. For the hair and beauty industry, recommendations generally include stylists wearing masks, gloves, aprons and – for some treatments – eye protection. Because beauty professionals work in close proximity to clients for extended periods of time, further protection such as wearing a clear visor (that fits and is worn properly) to cover the face provides a more effective barrier between the wearer and the client.

3. What on-site cleaning processes are in place to ensure safety?

From the moment your hand reaches for the door, throughout the service, to check-out as you leave, you should see steps for sanitization taking place.

At our salon, each client is contacted to ensure the COVID-19 process is understood prior to the appointment. Clients are scheduled with sufficient time to allow for cleaning between appointments. Clients are admitted one-at-a-time. Door handles are wiped down upon entry and after exit. Temperatures and oxygen levels are checked at arrival. A touchless checkout and product ordering system is in place prior to the appointment, so products are ready at checkout when you leave. Limited belongings are bagged and kept from touching surfaces. Haircuts and color services are performed by stylists who are wearing a full complement of protective gear, trained in sanitization.

4. If a provider is coming into your home, (or you into theirs) does that provider have similar but necessary protective protocols, experience, and safety procedure certifications as a salon?

Know what to expect when you or they arrive. For example, our stylists have Barbicide certification.

Note that transparency should be key when meeting with your provider. If they are unwilling to be open with your questions, this may be a red flag.

5. Before your visit, have you asked your provider if they have had a recent COVID-19 test? 

Salons are regularly testing employees. Ensure you have the same protections when you invite a provider in your home. And, similarily feel free to ask your salon.

At our downtown Austin salon, we’re taking every step we can in order to serve our clients, and to inform and keep our community safe. Read more about our COVID-19 protocol here

Please as always, feel free to reach out to the salon if you have questions. We’re here for you and want you to know that we’ll get through this #together! Call 512-474-5000