An Introduction to LIERAC Paris

Nov 17, 2017Tips, Trends, Tutorials


LIERAC Laboratories is a Paris-based company founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician who specialized in aesthetic medicine.  Since their beginning, LIERAC has been a pioneer in the correction of aesthetic skin concerns since they entered the market with their innovative plant-based product line. In 1979, The Ales Group–the parent company of PHYTO Paris haircare–integrated LIERAC Laboratories into the company as part of their expansion to bring their botanical-based dermocosmetic innovations into a wider international market.

The Science

Since then, a major focus of research for LIERAC Laboratories is understanding the cellular and molecular elements of the skin to develop cosmetics that are effective enough to curb the damaging effects of aging. By merging advanced scientific research with botanical mastery, LIERAC Paris skincare is considered an international innovator and the reference brand in the world of active phytocosmetics.

Every LIERAC formula is based on three components: efficacy, safety and sensoriality. This exquisite blend of clinical effectiveness combined with the experience of using the products make LIERAC very special. From the visual beauty of the packaging to the lovely fragrances, textures–and most importantly, the results, LIERAC is the choice for discerning clients worldwide.

Designed to target skin problems associated with aging skin, LIERAC’s sophisticated formulas focus on the cellular level to improve the health and radiance of the skin. While LIERAC is best known for its anti-aging skin care products, LIERAC also has beautiful fragrances, as well as men’s products for shaving and skincare.

The fragrance and body care line have already created raving fans since we began carrying it. These make great gifts for someone who needs a little French luxury in their life. The lip balms are great stocking stuffers, too” – Janet St. Paul

NEW Must-Haves for Thirsty Skin

When the seasons change–especially with the colder winter months, dry skin can be a more common concern. To keep skin beautiful and hydrated through the winter and beyond we’re featuring LIERAC’s  new Hydragenist product line. HYDRAGENIST is a major innovation in the field of hydration. Inspired by the aesthetic technique of cellular oxygenation, this range of skincare provides the skin a daily dose of oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins for visibly plumped skin, smoothed wrinkles and a fresh and rosy complexion. This premiere therapeutic regimen is all you need to combat dry skin.


Hydragenist Moisturizing Rescue Masque

This mask provides a shot of hydrating and nourishing active ingredients to increase the skin’s water level and restore its suppleness, making it smooth, plump, and incredibly fresh. Its sensory balm-gel texture is formulated with the Hydra O2 Complex, which hydrates, oxygenates and plumps the skin with camellia oil, which slows down skin dehydration and fights premature aging. The rose extract Improves microcirculation and cell metabolism.

Apply a thin layer to dry skin once or twice a week, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then use a cotton pad to remove excess or let the skin drink it up while you sleep.

Hydragenist Morning Moisturizing Mist

This refreshing morning mist is combined with a toning rose extract and an extract of rhodiola rosea, an arctic root that is exceptionally resistant to stress and known for its antioxidant properties and boosting action equivalent to vitamin C. It is also formulated with Hydra O2 Complex to hydrate, oxygenate and plump the skin increase and restore its suppleness.

Spray onto dry skin after cleansing before usual routine, and massage in with your fingertips.

Opening this product is like opening a gift. It is beautiful quality. The cream comes with a plastic scoop so the oils from your fingers won’t break-down the cream. When you apply the cream, the texture and fragrance is rich and luscious. The product line lifts the everyday experience of your skincare routine. It’s a beautiful ritual, and I’m loving the way it makes my face feel!” – JStP Client

As the PHYTO Paris US Flagship Salon, Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty carries the complete LIERAC skin care line in the salon, along with all of the PHYTO Paris hair care, and Subtil color lines. We are thrilled to bring products that are revered throughout Europe to our clients. The best way to experience them is in person at our downtown Austin salon.