Ashley Van Dusen, Bridal Makeup and Hair
Ashley Van Dusen, Stylist
In an entrepreneurship class, Ashley once pitched a business plan for a salon that catered to every lifestyle need. Believing that beauty was not something found in a hairstyle or a makeover alone, she hoped to one day provide services that improved every facet of her clients’ lives. It’s true what they say about putting things into the universe, she says “That’s exactly the kind of place we’ve created here and it feels like we were all drawn together by that purpose.”
With over nine years in the beauty industry, Ashley has honed in on what delivering that caliber of service really requires. Above all, comfort guides her practice as much as expertise and education.
Her own lifestyle is centered on being healthy and active, and as an Austin native, she’s always paying attention to how the city is growing. Between training for triathlons and half marathons, she keeps up with Austin’s ever-evolving food and music scenes, art offerings and natural beauty. “These days, Austin is full of people from all over. It’s great to share what I know with newcomers and reminisce with longtime Austinites,” she says.

I want to give people something that fits in with their lifestyle, something that they can recreate at home

The relationships with her clients and with her colleagues are what lend the most meaning to Ashley’s work. “We’re all on the same page about the level of service we want to give people,” she explains. “It’s rare, to find a team like this, where everyone prides themselves on their work.” Being a part of that team gives Ashley clarity about what’s most important in her life. “The most rewarding moments are when people come back. You get a sense of it when they leave for the first time, like you’ve opened their eyes. And when they return, you can really sense the trust building between the two of you.”

The level of expertise that forms the foundation of the studio is a driving force behind Ashley’s approach. “Working with Janet helps me visualize my future in the industry,” she says. “Here, we’re building something special by bringing the best practices from New York and Paris straight to Austin.”