How-To Video: Enhance Your Curly Hair

Nov 30, 2016Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Many women crave curly locks of hair that will bounce and provide volume for days on end. 


Phyto Specific Styling Pomade helps to nourish the hair and provide you with a texture that’s smooth, yet holds your curls all day long. This shea butter specific formula you give you an experience of softness that provides your hair with a silky smooth finish that is elegant and touchable.

How To Use the Curly Girl Pomade

Make sure your hair is dry and scoop out a pea-size of the pomade with a fingertip. Rub the pomade together in the palms of your hands and work it through the big sections of the shaft of the hair. During this process, make sure not to run your fingers with the pomade through your hair; instead, grab large, separate sections of your hair and gently pull the pomade atop of the shaft of your hair and spread the pomade down midway. Doing so will help to give your curly hair much-needed hydration and separation.

To All the Curly Girls Out There

Let us know how you like this styling pomade, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns on how to apply. To purchase your botanical Phyto Specific Styling Pomade, feel free to drop by our downtown Austin salon to pick up a jar. To make an appointment please call the salon to schedule or book online now.