Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Fall & Winter Season

Nov 25, 2018Tips, Trends, Tutorials

Top 3 Tips for Surviving the Fall & Winter Season

This time of year can feel like it bobsleds smack into our calendars. With Austin’s frequently fluctuating fall weather transitioning from the cold of winter and bouncing briskly back into warm sunny days, we start to feel and see the impact of this change in our skin and hair. The frequent flux can create confusion from what to apply to our skin and hair to what we should wear.

Then sprinkle in a little holly jolly holiday season to the already spinning plates of our personal and professional lives and self-care often takes a back seat. Janet’s tips this month will offer a little life raft of self-care to help you survive this time of year. As her clients and team know well, self-care is a commitment that is near and dear to Janet’s heart. Self-care is a commitment, and an integral part of her health journey. In fact, it is such an impactful topic, we intend to dive into the concept more thoroughly an upcoming post.

But right now, it’s go time! Without further ado, Janet’s Top Three Tips for surviving the season.


1. Protect Your Hair from the Heat with an At-Home Hydration Treatment

To combat the effects of fall and winter dehydration Janet swears by Phyto Huile D’Alès for at-home hair therapy. This pre-shampoo treatment hydrates, increases shine, helps hold color for light, dark, or color treated hair. This hydrating oil treatment is an intensely nourishing treatment that restores the hair with a powerful blend of essential oils that condition and protect the hair shaft. It is designed to revive shine as well as protect the hair from future damage and breakage. Use twice a month for ultimate benefits.

2. Update Your Lip Color with Fresh Fall Colors

Put your lipgloss away. Fall/Winter 2018 is all about a matte lip. Janet St. Paul’s eponymous line of lip colors include a beautiful array of colors. Her favorite that looks good on all skin tones is Nude. It is rich and sultry and allows for more dramatic eyes and cheeks. The matte finish is must-have for this season.

Janet St. Paul’s new cosmetics line features stunning new colors that will freshen-up your look for fall and holiday season. Another way to add some flair to your fall look is to schedule a session with make-up artist, Jessica Tristan. Rock your next special event, or date night.

3. Exfoliate and Moisturize to Combat Dull Dry Skin

Dewy, smooth skin doesn’t have to be elusive when the cold weather hits. They key is to make sure to include regular exfoliation and precision moisturizing. For best results Janet loves LIERAC. Their Exfoliator and Mask combination is a winner. Regular exfoliation (twice a week) followed by one of LIERAC’s luxurious masks that is best for your skin type produces beautifully maintained and healthy-looking skin.

For the eye area, Janet’s favorite intensive regimen includes to must-haves in LIERAC’s PREMIUM line. For the delicate eye area, LIERAC PREMIUM Eyes. This high-tech eye cream corrects the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging around the eyes. It helps plump deep wrinkles, calms puffiness and dark circles and adds radiance to ultimately “lighten up” the eyes. Apply morning and before bed.

And a skincare secret weapon is LIERAC PREMIUM SERUM. With 10% pure hyaluronic acid solution, this anti-aging serum helps stimulate natural DNA repair for exceptional cell regeneration. Exceptional wrinkle-filling botanicals that instantly smooth the skin and visibly “replump” it. Extracts of rare black flowers (black orchid, Black Baccara rose and black poppy) rare and precious extracts with protective and antioxidant properties. Apply this exceptional silky serum morning and night.

And, beyond these three tips, if you need an extra boost visit the salon for a fresh haircut, a makeover or a more intensive skin care treatment. Just give us a call! 512-474-5000.